The Skyline is officially manual! Time for an upgrade! 1 day ago   13:35

Shout out to @riseabovespeedshop for allowing us to work at their shop and to @likewiseluke for the help on the manual swap! Been wanting to have this thing manual for a long time but finding Skyline parts suck.

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Kel Raphiel
i had a friend like this dude once and after 1 week of knowing him i had to cut his ass off cause he was like that one chick that talk to you but all you hear is um mm mum um bum bom mm moo ma bu
Can someone tell me how to acquire this kind of car please , like the whole process and price please.
J Kapoki
did you remember the spigot bush
Max Pus
Luke is a slave
Pussy Slayer of the Rain
I think you spelled your name wrong it’s eliminate
Pussy Slayer of the Rain
I think you spelled your name wrong it’s eliminate
Congrats on 500k + subscribers Randy! If you are after a CUBE short shifter as used in Randy's Skyline check us out at CUBE speed. Use coupon code illiminate10 to get 10% off
Where did you buy the transmission ? Trying to swap my skyline but I’m worried about finding a reliable place to buy all the stuff for it
Ryan M
No that kit😭 RIP GTR...
Balakh Khan
Im excited to see your R32 next Adam LZs R32
Furious Lobo
3:43 who else thought randy farted or did he
Black out the headlights
Giang Nguyen
lmao the burnout smoke was 95% exhaust
Raining Bass
it already had a Manuel…
Jefte Villasenor
Luke the real mechanic
cisco boi
Im 11 and im already dreaming that im inside of a skyline
Anyone have the link to the shift knob?
Fernando Leon
Get a widebody kit for the r32 gtr
guys check out Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
Shalin27 Tumata
"This car sucks" Haha let's get that
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Time for an upgrade! The Skyline is officially manual! 1 day ago   21:38

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Can you guys tell what we upgraded? Hope you guys enjoy the content a little more now :)

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