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Addis out

Africa is always on the line for poverty,war,diseases and Political Turmoil. With all prejudices out there there are much more facts worth knowing. if you see Egypt ,Ethiopia, Algeria and Morocco their ancient history is astonishing. Nigeria,Tanzania,Kenya etc with all rich nature and prospering future. Hopefully This Video might help in introducing few facts about the TOP 10 Richest Country in Africa In Nominal GDP 2016. enjoy

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Papa Joe
NIgeria is scamland and aids.
Alakhe Jack
South .A has 3 capital cities
my Tigray Love
Africa is the biggest and richest in the world but the problem they donot have respect and love themselfes and they donot know how to use they are mined
They are natural think etc.....always they see the abord like Americn & eropian but they donot know they are tief from all of african place and use open your mind all african people &work hardly in your place and your soul. you can find what you wont...
Make Out Heaven
senay semere
Lol ethiopia is one of the poorest cauntry from the world .
Ian Rutto
lol they dont know how to spell dodoma
killing demon III lol
Viva Africa
Raja amal
Koos van Zyl
Pretoria is the Capitol of South Africa
I'm from Sudan 🇸🇩😍 and I like that 😎
Zainab Diamond
Nigeria is d best
Prisca Mpofu
Rich Nigeria Poor Nigerians. They're all over South Africa.
Kanyanga Eberhard
GDP PER Capita is the real measurement of wealth in the country. And the richest country in Africa by GDP per capita are not in this list.
jonjo O'Brian
all africans are brothers .
Tebis VanKelvin
whoever did this is funny!!! how could you say ""English is well spoken in Tanzania and Kenya"" and when it got to the turn of Nigeria you said ""English is their official language"??  what are you insinuating ??hahahahaahaha,,, becareful
Timmy Turner
Our new capital is Cape Town now... lol...oh well...
HELL YEAH to that...
Fikadu Minda Alemu
You knew what we African's are very rich by everything but our leaders are selfish how we be come or lead peace full life and united like Eu I think this will be the time of Africa when everyone comes and need our help u will see we will be the first God bless our mama Africa
Fekade Silase
We have nice city like addis abeba ,Hawassa and Bahirdar but u are not show this sity but u show only land so edit this land ok another country u shown a nice city why?
Great video. Hello from Brazil
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Beautiful Cities in Africa HD 2017 TOP 10 Richest Country in Africa In GDP 2016 1 day ago   09:22

Beautiful Cities in Africa 2017 HD

Here is the list of the most beautiful cities in Africa:
1. Cape Town
2. Nairobi
3. Accra
4. Libreville
5. Johannesburg
6. Tunis
7. Grahamstown
8. Kigali
9. Windhoek
10. Dar es Salaam
11. Gaborone
12. Algiers
13. Asmara
14. Harare
15. Kumasi

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