Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez STUNS Congress AOC Has A Massive Impact During Her First 2 weeks ago   08:43

The Young Turks
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schooled Congress on money in politics. Cenk Uygur, Joseph Sanberg, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schooled her follow members of Congress Wednesday by conducting a rather non-traditional line of questioning in a House hearing on the role of money in politics and how it affects voting rights.

AOC, as the Democratic Congresswoman from the Bronx and Queens is called, began by saying, “Let’s play a game. Let’s play a lightning round game. I’m going to be the bad guy – which I’m sure half the room would agree with, anyway,” she snarked, mocking the GOP’s obsession with trying to destroy her reputation."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Joseph Sanberg

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Joseph Sanberg


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AOC is a Harris puppet
AOC sure stunned congress with her ability to be so dumb haha
Georgia Davis
The youngest woman ever elected into Congress that have guts
Justin c
Failed to show the rest of the footage. So blatantly one sided.
Julie Mills
She got actual one word answers to her questions......!!
. Yes, and no, omg, don't think I've EVER heard a politician say simply y/n. You go AOC, LOVE YOU
John Goins
Seems like she is a puppet for Harris, Waters, Pelosi, Cummings, Johnson, Warren and lost but not least Clinton.
impractical smoker
Take it for the young turks to use just her clip an not the one where the guy openly said it made him laugh an she looked dumbfounded. This is why no one likes you guys lol.
Kurt Brandso
AOC is a winner and is only going to become stronger and more formidable!
Kurt Brandso
The trolls are back again today scanning thru older videos which they previously sullied with negative comments against Alexandria Cortez with a mission to pepper any new comments with negative disinformation, lies and care tactics. Top and newest comment stays pro Alexandria Cortez and what she represents also to all progressives fighting against big money and corruption.
love to see these insects get triggered by the president Trump   MAGA 2020
Cant wait for that night to watch you on the 2020 election meltdown and every one of you guys going to fall apart like you did last time that was classy can't wait Young Turds 2020
Kurt Brandso
Alexandra Cortez is plain and simply trying to expose corruption and help get special interest money out of the majority of law makers pockets and decision making but all the detractors somehow missed that?

Remember people, that its a scapegoat to always write that its always a "Russian bot" that is sullying the comment section using all kinds of tactics and BS talking points and fear mongering. It's paid state side actors, very similar to 2016's "Correct the record" who represented Hillary on the social media stream. What these guys do is check video of any major progressive candidate to keep the top comments negative at the same time utilising scare tactics and if that doesn't work then they use intimidation and bullying to drown people out of the argument. They pretend to give false consensus, one way they do it is a single person "shill" has many alias's while also coordinating with other shills on the roster at any given time sequence.

They have been quite lucky for years since "correct the record" of 2016 of going under the radar of the "its Russian bots" causing a stir on a disinformation campaign all over social media! No, its local players who are paid because the special interests stand to loose billions if they loose their access point of legalised corruption.

Also, who ever said that it's just the Russians when it comes to the international aspect of disinformation and defending certain view points online? Other big players are of course the Chinese and the Israelis, especially the former due to AIPAC sway in middle east foreign policy making. Saudi Arabia and Iran are here frequently too.

No amount of paid shilling can stop the movement of getting big money out of politics and the exposure of Trump as a fraud concerning his PR crafted slogan of "Draining the Swamp".

Alexandra Cortez will prevail and many more like her!
Bernie will be unstoppable, especially when the millions of his articulated and intelligent supporters get into momentum and start returning to the social media stream like in 2016, they will kick all disingenuous actors but out of hear.........haha!!!
Kurt Brandso
Keeping the top comment pro Alexandra Cortez and paid shill free who are trying to filler buster this comment thread with negative comments towards AOC.
Kurt Brandso
Keeping the top comment pro Alexandra Cortez!!!
Kurt Brandso
Keeping the top comment pro Alexandra Cortez !!!

AOC is authentic and is a winner despite those who try and sully her who are representing big money interests and the status quo. Power to the people, lets bring democracy back to the people and kick special interest and corruption in politics in the A..!
Gee I wonder why you didn't show his response. Oh I know why. Because his response made AOC look like a complete idiot.

This dingbat that you guys are so in love with thought that New York was going to give Amazon 3 billion dollars. When no, that's not the case. They were giving Amazon a 3 billion dollar tax cut.

And the fact that you idiots are celebrating that 25000 where especially lost is unbelievable.
Simon Elyptica
geeze these morons are so delusional hahaha
Simon Elyptica
dumbass turds LOL
G Gresham
We should look into financing of NGOs
Congress was STUNNED by her ignorance and use of kindergarten language and attitude. Not to mention the largest donors are planned parenthood and labor unions donating to dems
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AOC Has A Massive Impact During Her First Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez STUNS Congress 2 weeks ago   06:19

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had a massive impact during her first week in Congress. Here are some highlights of her first week in office.

#AbsolutelyTerrified #AOC #GreenNewDeal
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