Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez STUNS Congress AOC Has A Massive Impact During Her First 2 months ago   08:43

The Young Turks
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schooled Congress on money in politics. Cenk Uygur, Joseph Sanberg, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schooled her follow members of Congress Wednesday by conducting a rather non-traditional line of questioning in a House hearing on the role of money in politics and how it affects voting rights.

AOC, as the Democratic Congresswoman from the Bronx and Queens is called, began by saying, “Let’s play a game. Let’s play a lightning round game. I’m going to be the bad guy – which I’m sure half the room would agree with, anyway,” she snarked, mocking the GOP’s obsession with trying to destroy her reputation."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Joseph Sanberg

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Joseph Sanberg


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Way to cherry pick the segment. Play the whole clip....if you dare.
Nathan Smith
She always comes across as if she is just playing a ditzy, ignorant blonde school girl, except it's not an act. She is impressively ignorant on all subjects she talks about publicly.
Uncle Javi
She uses proper English when blacks aren't around. When she's talking to a black crowd she uses dumb English. All liberals think black people are dumb.
Jason Beck
Hahaha if you would have played the whole exchange it would have shown how stupid AOC is. Hahaha nice cherry picking with the small clip.
E.V. Gaming
Ben Shapiro has stunned Fatty TY-TURD Cenk Uugur at Politicon.
Who remembers that?
Whole lotta Gang shit
This MAGA Country!
Nathan Smith
She acts as though she is some young, ditzy blonde, while trying to sound smart. Her knowledge of any subject seems like it goes as deep as a meme or headline, and that's it. An entire understanding of buzzwords and nothing else
Sawyer Skog
She is a dumbass how did this guy call her speech eloquent. She has the vocabulary of a 14 yo girl from Southern California
Edison Chavez
Dudes. I like I going to hear you podcost
Sassie Troy
Ha ha ha ha ha!
She was just looking for tips on how to hide her "dark money"
craig gonsalves
Cenk your socialist agenda run justice Democrats days are over the curtains are removed now everybody knows you helped aoc to enter Congress. We know that you are the puppet master we know that aoc is dumb as a brick without you guys behind her back she couldn't even write a lullaby. You hide behind the name progressives but deep inside is total fascist like control.
Adam Carlos Alfredo Segarra Adair
She is Amazing!! I still like her!! Id like to meet AOC in person!!
So her campaign covered up $850,000
Phil Thayer
Stunned everyone with her absolute stupidity.
Elliott Dean
What I love is y'all didn't show the part where all of what she said was wrong lmao
Sharrhan Williamson
The Young Turks recruited her, and real progressives know TYT is a neoliberal group that's part of the establishment and oligarchy. Please be wary of this plant.
Dan Jensen
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is today's answer to Queen of Egypt Kleopetra. Sharp woman. greatest respect..
Ken _
Wow, what is her qualifications? Bartending? Yikes. No wonder she knows nothing.
It is rather pathetic that a bunch of corrupt old white men in suits believe that the way to win future elections is to bash a bright young woman of color. Yes, her vision will be challenged by the shoals of real world economics and politics. But she is the idol of millions of millennial voters and soon-to-be voters. She is the first representative of the new wave of politicians. The clueless whores of the wealthy are just increasing her standing with the next generation of voters by attacking her. Attacking her is attacking them.
Dude Random *official* Steel Panther central
This moron really believes she’s a part of Congress. No wonder these Turk idiots like her. They’re just as stupid.
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AOC Has A Massive Impact During Her First Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez STUNS Congress 2 months ago   06:19

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had a massive impact during her first week in Congress. Here are some highlights of her first week in office.

#AbsolutelyTerrified #AOC #GreenNewDeal
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