Rubber Power Helicopters Rubber band powered helicopter 5 months ago   05:05

Rubber Power Helicopters

My home made helicopter is in this video

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Doc Ink
That police one had a lot of rubber! With my arm problems I'd definitely need an autowinder. Is that the park with the cool murals from the recent video? Your gran certainly seemed to have a good time. What's the red spaceman looking thing hanging from your belt? I'm tempted to do a what are you carrying
Wil Hobbs
It flys that we out of the package!
That's Gold. 😊
Wil Hobbs
I chuckled when I saw the bench. 😁
Bill Kuhl
In a summer class I teach, I use these and FPG-9 gliders the first day. The helicopters fly great and sometimes must hit thermal lift and go higher yet.
Gilbert Sanchez
kids should watch your channel, so they'll learn to make stuff and learn too, they spend too much time on phones and computers
Jag Betty
Excellent fun....need to keep an eye out for them.....
That last one now has Return To Home like a quadcopter lol, both times it came back to the camera !
Gilbert Sanchez
i didn't know they exist, that's cool
Kont Kont
like it nice video
Robert Sun
l bought a similar one a while back, it was 50c. Did not fly as well, but it fun!
Kk Superb
I like
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Rubber band powered helicopter Rubber Power Helicopters 5 months ago   00:47

I used to make simple rubber band powered helicopters like this as a kid. Back then I made them using balsa wood, wire, cotton, and glue. Now that I have a 3D printer, I thought I'd try and make one using that. It works much the same as the old school balsa ones but it is much simpler and quicker to make. The only trick is to make sure you launch it so that it goes upwards. Get it wrong and it will go straight down. It doesn't fly for very long, and there is no telling which direction it will go, but the kids love it. You can find this and my other designs on: