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In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales and his initial examination of field evidence from the Greek island of Kos regarding the controversial theory that a mega tsunami was generated by the catastrophic eruption of the volcanic island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea, in the eastern Mediterranean, during the Late Bronze Age around 3500 years ago. It is known that the Minoan civilization of Crete collapsed around this time, which is usually attributed to the Santorini eruption and a resulting tsunami, but is there evidence that a mega tsunami actually occurred? Further Reading: S. K. Haslett, 2016. Coastal Systems (3rd Edition). University of Wales Press, Cardiff (see section 2.2.2); D. Dominey-Howes, 2004. A re-analysis of the Late Bronze Age eruption and tsunami of Santorini, Greece, and the implications for the volcano-tsunami hazard. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Vol. 130, pp. 107-132. Location: coast and inland between Marmari and Tigaki, Kos, Greece.

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Gotta look for pumice!! Tons of it on Potamos beach in Malia down the road from the palace!
James Clarke
Fascinating, thank you for sharing.
A shovel and a clean 5 foot pit would show you the strata immediately.(of course you might need a permit). They already proved there was a Tsunami in Crete following the Eruption. However I think they totally under estimated how deep inland the tsunami traveled.
@ILOVEMFEO i just showed video of santorini exploding moronduh
i didnt even know that kos has a volcano!!!!!!!! wow :)
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This is a detail from '' The secret of mediterranean '' with Trevor Mc'Donald about the picturesque and wonderful island, Santorini.