Fortnite - Season 7 Trailer Fortnite Season 7 Trailer Reaction! 5 months ago   01:17

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Fortnite gets festive in this trailer for Season 7!

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avelino silva
When birds fly on planes ✈️ 1:05
Tsh Studios
Just me that thinks this was the best trailer of all the season especially the music
danielelproeselmejorquetodos gonsales
0:10 the cube is coming
Mateo Gea
0:58 eso pasa cuando papanoel descubre que te portaste mal :v
Poor Merry Marauder. Crackshot had it out for him
Barry Green
The cube 0_0
Season 7 was awesome
Nate Groenstein
Woodsy and Kevin are in this video
jordan and laddy
Season 7 was the best season ever to me
coruption black
Is than me seeing crap or is that Kevin
GetBodied CBG
No doubt this is the best trailer they’ve ever made
I kinda miss this season
Aún la extraño :(
BorderCollie Gaming
WhO iS WaTcHiNg 52 MiNuTeS BeFoRe ThE sEaSoN 9 DoWnTiMe
PheonixStar 56
0:10 *KEVIN*
one of the best seasons imo. It was really fun
I absolutely LOVE this trailer, I used to be a Cuphead fanatic back in 2017, and this wholesome trailer reminds me of (old) fortnite and Christmas. Good times.
Samu _
Nostalgie jetzt schon
office chisinau
cube present is there
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Fortnite Season 7 Trailer Reaction! Fortnite - Season 7 Trailer 5 months ago   02:13

+ Christmas is HERE on Fortnite! I am so excited, what about you guys? Can't wait for planes and snow!
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