Special Report: Mueller report Full Rudy: 'No Reason To Dispute' 2 days ago   53:41

CBS News
Special counsel Robert Mueller's 400+-page report on Russian interference in the 2016 election has finally been released. CBS News' Norah O'Donnell, Gayle King and John Dickerson anchor our coverage of the developing story.

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phil lamonica
Trump NEVER said that Russia did not interfere in our elections. Everybody 12 years old or older knows that Russian and before that the USSR meddled in elections the world over since the early 50's. The witch hunt was the suggestion that he and his campaign was involved. They were not and now the liberal media has diarrhea.
Mike Myr
as i said Hillary and her minions accuse and point every where else
because either they want to make what theY do seam common place or to
hide their own actions ,it is a shame CBS is bought and paid for by the
very same people that hate Trump and our fight for national sovereignty
over socialism and tyranny ,every commoner has the same rights as the
queen of England in this country ,if you vote democrat you vote for
slavery , VOTE / TRUMP 20/20 FOR national sovereignty AND THE FREE MAN
Sew Fantastic
The problem is too much dam talking and no action. Lock up or shut up. I wish they would stop sending this sh!* to my phone, I don't give a dam they are all crooks and con artist and only are out for themselves.
Lu Ping
Where is the value of American justice system. All corrupt and cover up.
Carl Peterson
I wonder what would have happened if they were this passionate with the Clinton investigation.
Marty Wheeler
Keep eating those bowl's of stupid.... Democrats! It's just what the Republicans ordered! Grand jury's, indictments are headed to your doorstep! The hunter's now will be hunted! Justice will prevail! Shàlom✡️🕎
Dennis Clark
You missed a key point on the Comey firing. Trump stated that would be the end of it...the Russian thing.
Janice Green
He Were All For Trump that So Sad 😞 day
Landon Caviness
okeechobee brewer
Criminal charges for CBS. Treason.
2 years of lying please stop
Daniel Rodriguez
Crap Broadcast Station Sucks selling more lies.
I don't know what fake news is if this isn't it.
James Dean
Really? Sometimes you seem so ignorant, nascent, and naive. Know your history? Compare!
Patti London
Being rattled does not equal guilty. Trump knew this was aWITCH-HUNT !!!!!!!
Fake media colluded with Hillary and Obama.
If the Democrats don't stop crying.
Sea levels will rise and millions will die.
CBS "news" is shameful.
someone new
Bugs Bunny said no Russian collusion or obstruction. I believe Bugs Bunny over CBS!!!!!!
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Full Rudy: 'No Reason To Dispute' Special Report: Mueller report 2 days ago   18:58

President Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, appeared on Meet the Press to talk about the conclusions of the Mueller Report.
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Full Rudy: 'No Reason To Dispute' Mueller Report | Meet The Press | NBC News