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Rafael Eliassen
How to Think Positively | How to Be More Positive
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Positive thinking is the ability to transform your point of view to one that leads to a better view of the current thoughts you are having, the situation or the entire view of the world you have.

It is neither dillusional thinking nor is it used to blind yourself from the truth, but rather you look at the truth in a better light.

Let’s use an example and say that your mother has just passed away.

This is something that everyone has to go through and it often isn’t easy for anyone.

But only because you are thinking about the negatives and looking at it in a negative light.

The instant thoughts you might have is that you will never see her again, that you didn’t tell her everything you needed to and that you will miss her support and love.

But at the same time you could shift your thinking and cry tears of gratitude rather than sadness.

You could focus on the way she lived, thanking her still for everything she has done for you, how she turned you into the fantastic human you are today and how she gave up so much of her own life to see you succeed in yours, and that you would rather celebrate her life as a final thank you than be sad at her passing because that is not what she would want.

In no way is this lying to yourself about the situation, you are simply adopting a more positive outlook on it.

But that is an extreme example, and definitely not a place that is easy to reach.

The point still stands though: If you shift your thinking you often see that there are other points of view you could adopt that are much more positive!

This is what is truly meant by finding the silver lining.

Finding and adopting a new point of view is what positive thinking is all about and that is really all there is to it.

You are not actively looking for nice things you do not actually believe or are trying to close your eyes from the world around you, all you are doing is adopting your beliefs to empower you instead of destroying you.

Another example is believing that some people are just better than others.

Although this may seem like a crazy belief, we all have this belief in some form when we look at our friends, neighbors or coworkers, seeing that they are better than us.

You look at celebrities and pro-athletes thinking they have it all figured out and cannot even look homeless people in the eye because you think they have nothing figured out.

But what if you started to believe that we are all the same, that we all have something to give and that every one of us is amazing and priceless in their own way?

What if you looked at the lives of successful people and found out that they still feel pain, still cry, still have problems, worries and still want to quit and give up sometimes?

And what if you looked at the lives of homeless people and found that they still smile, laugh, have dreams just like you and me and have more fun at times than either of us?

You would look at every successful person, every homeless person and yourself the exact same way.

All you have done is change your belief a bit by checking your point of view and adopting a new one.

And remember that positive thinking is only used to change that disempowering negative thinking to empowering beliefs!

Beliefs are always at the core of our thoughts, so you have to adopt them little by little to get massive positive thinking.

To get these kinds of beliefs you need more experiences in the positive walks of life!

When you see people smiling from all areas of life, having fun no matter where they are, you begin to adopt the belief that happiness may be not dependent on the situation.

The same way when you look at every bad driver you encounter and see that 95% are women, you may adopt the stereotype that women are bad drivers and believe it to be true!

Yet you have no idea whether this is really true or not, it is just your personal experience of the things you have seen that leads you to that belief, for better or for worse.

Experiences create a belief in ourselves based on countless different scenarios in which we have experienced the same thing.

So… if that is all true so far, then the first step you have to find is where to get experiences that shape you into a more positive thinking person!

And to that you simply need to take action.

Directed action takes you to directed experiences!

Let’s take the example that you want to go to Rome.

The first thing you would do is search for a flight (Action #1), purchase a ticket (Action #2), prepare for the trip (Action #3) and then go on the plane (Action #4).

All of these 4 Actions are directed only by what experience you wish to have!

If you didn’t want to go to Rome you would never take any of these steps!

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dreamer 07
thanks brother
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Robert Alexander
Trying to watch the video but still teary from the beginning
Start to search for positive thinking instead for avoiding negative thinking
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So will this help anxiety basically?
Good job bro!
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Hello Rafael can you make some videos about financial markets. Some advice that can help me to improve my skills on trading field
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fantastic video, really inspiring
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I am watching your videos a long time ago now and this is my first comment on youtube ever. Just want to give back a little bit of gratitude to you. Awesome Videos, love them! Always sounds simple and clear what you are saying but often we forget to appreciate the little things in life. Habits are key! Keep doing what you do and you will get the attention and success that you earn!
Best Wishes my friend, stay postive! :)
Love positive thinking!
Alex D. Simic
What software did you use to make these animations? I am thinking of buying Video Scribe, but I am not sure and I could use your advice...thanks, man.
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How do I take control of my life?
I feel like I know the concepts, but no real fuel to make it all happen?!
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i just started watching and totally awesome !! keep up the great work !!
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Thanks Rafael!
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animation made the understanding better but I miss your expressions.
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Thank very much! Great advice. I'll follow this!!
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Awesome! just what I needed!! I enjoy your work - keep it up.
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