Picking up little bro from High Buying the Cheapest Lamborghini Aventador 3 months ago   10:30

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MUSIC by Joe Trufant:

In this episode of SnewJ. SnewJ picks up his little brother from Yucaipa High School in a Lamborghini Huracan. Enjoy!

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That was a dope experience for my little bro Neal:) Thanks for watching!
Nasution Amma
It's pathetic to see how people become friendly and looks like a licker just because of Lambo lol
Cupidly Stupid
Mar XD
Nice flex
Cara Trump
Breaking the law is freedom? He's grossing me out🙄....you can't by courage, honor or respect.
Horatio Murray
My dad picked me up in his aventador I probably spelled that wrong
Horatio Murray
Oh man I got a boner perfect way to start of the video
Khuyenthem Amushana Devi
I thought the lambo dont have doors lol 😂 thats my joke
Gil Carvalho
Very nice video. Is cool go to the High School and picking up your little brother. Very nice and cool.
Jessica Anderson
6:52 - 6:55 Neo: I feel like a king :o
Carmelo Anderson
Your nastie
mili mili
Why people are so crazy in us for one lamborgini
Thi Huynh
how awsome !!
Definetely fake friends but i wouldnt blame then cuz neel looks like a retard
Bro Ortega
I love this kids....i remember my high school day's
Jaja Rara
unfortunately if there is any luxury sports car in front of me .. at least I did not feel impressed. I just bought and used. all this is just temporary
jaspreet sandhu
This is instead carma for the people that bullied him
San yasi
I have 1 lambo 2 Porsche Cayman....1 Bugatti chiron and bunches of old sports car....love from India....hit like button for Snew J
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Buying the Cheapest Lamborghini Aventador Picking up little bro from High 3 months ago   15:05

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