Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! Android User uses iPhone 2 days ago   12:23

My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review & Why I'm Switching Back To iPhone After 9 Days of Use.. The best & worst of the Galaxy S10+!

S10 Speed Test.

S10 Durability Test.

S10 Camera Test.

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Nigger Faggot
You switched because of the fucking animations? Really?????

Well you just lost all credibility as a tech channel.
Ahmad Sultani
because it is
it is like ohh Samsung outperformed Apple but.. I switch back to iphone (for no reason but only because no other way to make marketing)
Hoopty Boontain
dump the go give me the show
Den Afric
Stupidity At Its Best!!🙄
MUST READ before buying! Is no reviewer going to mention the massive flaws with the S10+? For eg. 1. The scrolling and finger tap to stop speed is delayed and isn't as responsive in some apps like Instagram or Facebook. 2. If you have a massive history of SMS messages, there is a delay in loading the chat history when clicking on it, I had a 3 second delay for 24000 messages. Compared with my Phone 6s (old hardware) no lag. Extremely annoying everytime I open a message to reply.
Mauro Oliveira
5 ads to see this video.. I think its a record
Forbyt PC
Shut a f..k up with your iphone, internet running say everything samsung is the king at the moment
Mark Porta
Samsung Galaxy S10

Better design
Better display
No notch
Better camera
USB Type C
Headphone Jack
Curved Display
Better battery life
Better OS
Better performance
More durable
OS looks better, more useful features, minimal, easier to use and customizable.




(it's his choice though)
Mark Porta
Phoneus Snatchus
Noel Gonzalez
I just wish you will be honest with yourself and say that the reason you going back to Apple is because your followers are Apple followers and of course you're biased towards Apple. that is okay but if you want to be a truly objective person and compared to product side by side hands down Samsung Beats Apple not just any Samsung phone I'll be the first to say that but the S10 Plus is way better than the Apple 10 Max but don't just take my word for it surf all over the Internet and you'll see that everybody says the same if you want to be truly unbiased
Kyle Rhodes
I'm not gay but you are one sexy man.
Tubotamuno Benson
Man you have nothing on the s10... hater
Sean Bordier
Most of your comments at the end of the video are either fixable or habits from Iphone. I recommend spending at least a month with your Samsung to try fixing that.

Also, a trick with the fingerprint reader is having multiple entries of the same print. It helps a ton.
I moved to samsung when S9 came out and I litteraly moved back to iphone cus of the edge screen samsung have it started to piss me off.
Marco DiSilvestre
The "screen protector" you said wasn't very good is not a screen protector. That's just the protective film they ship the phones with. You should have removed it and either not used one or get one that's actually made to work with the phone. That's why you were having problems the the bubbles and the fingerprint scanner.
Roman Pankov
S10 trashes the iphone pretty hard, but since you invested in the Apple ecosystem, it's better stay there.
I'm with the Mate 20 X, and can't see any better device in sight(Mate 30 X maybe?).
Shane Jones
Literally the only person to fail when using the Samsung s10 fingerprint
Mikrojihad Inc.
Appreciated what he said about Samsung Phones, but this is EverythingApplePro instead EverythingSamsungPro
Rupert A
Tbh, I feel like you're being nitpicky, not hating, just an opinion, just stick to Samsung already.
Chen neffesh
Next Week "Switching Back To Galaxy S10"
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Android User uses iPhone Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! 2 days ago   19:35

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➨ Final Thoughts
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