5 NBA "Almost" Trades that Would've Top 10 Fastest Players of All Time | NFL Films 2 weeks ago   14:43

Mike Korzemba
Imagine If These INSANE Trades ACTUALLY Happened Guys!!!
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Lets Talk Now Tv
Nah we’d have not accepted Kobe here
You forgot Chris Paul to the Lakers.
Luke Oscovitch
You should make a what if Jordan and Hakeem played together on the Rockets
Shut up mike you barley upload kid LeBron>Mj no debate no cAp
Patrick Chen
Please do a what if for if the Thunder team with Westbrook Durant and Harden added Paul George for oladipo and sabonis, and serge ibaka lived up to his hype and then mans the front court with Steve Adams?
Patrick Chen
The only trade that needed to happen was the number 2 pick for garbage ball for Paul George. The Lakers would have won a ring this year.
KingNikiveius 123
This is why Jordan won the most finals mvp rings in nba history 6️⃣
As a Rockets fan this hurts to watch :(
Great vid!
CrispyArrow Plays
Lebron is the goat I don’t wanna hear it
I clicked and I was sniping Mike saying "NBA history". I took like 8 seconds. #OverUsed.
9:35 😂😂
Eli Williams
Mj push
Ty Lito
Making videos on what ifs is the weakest shit ever.
Biangy Hyppolite
Jordans best options when he came back and how that changes draft picks for 95-99
Biangy Hyppolite
do a video on if this happen that would be dope to see
kpac F
dude theres this fitness chick who looks like she could be your twin sister hahaha. her name julianne vaccaro
Tim Rodd
Bucks chose monta ellis over steph curry in a trade
Νίκος Ελευθερίου
Mike you forgot about the bucks-warriors trade the gsw wanted to trade curry instead of monta ellis at first .....but the bucks wanted ellis because they had concerns about curry's health
senor frog
stfu and steph curry with a 40" vertical
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Top 10 Fastest Players of All Time | NFL Films 5 NBA "Almost" Trades that Would've 2 weeks ago   34:17

John Ross broke a combine record with his 4.22 second 40-yard dash. Will his NFL game speed compare with these players on NFL Films' top 10 fastest players of all time? Check it out!

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