A Day In The Life Of An Egyptian Village Palestinian women: Would you marry 1 day ago   22:49

Mahmoud Yehia
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Arab Things
Farmers are very peaceful people they’re doing nothing but work enjoying their simple life keeping themselves far from politic ,capitalism, crowds and fakes
hasabo mm
I think I am from this country
aes amethic
I want to go super bad. Ancient Egypt is my favorite subject in History, and as soon as I save up later in life, I'm going for sure.
La charme de l'egypte... Bravo Mahmoud.
احمد سكر
My country
Ash Jai
Egyptian are nice people
KING GROUP OF OWNER I work in cyber security
EGYPT'S is very old but gold
Pindaan de Hiyati Tay Sonsy Loog
I am a Pakistani 🇵🇰 our village lif same to same like this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
cool cat
The audio is the same as hello neighboar 1:17 -1:21
Fabian Thomas
So are Egyptians black? Alot of people say they are black
My 1 Month Stay in Egypt (not as Tourist but with real simple People and in old Town) taught me more then Years of my Life prior to that. I am from Europe. I learned what real Life is and how to simply live, also how to be more humble as in not taking the Things i do have for granted and to be more homesteading and industrious and Thankfull to The Maker of ALL Life for Life itself as well as ALL i have. Also that one does not really need all that much to be happy in Life, and that Family and Nature/Soil as well as being close to the Creator and trust HIM, is the most important in a Humans Life.

I also learned what i want and i what i do not want, how i want to live and that no Man is a Island. And that i get a Sence or true fullfillment if i create Things with my Hands, i.e. Gardening, growing some of my own Food.
Yes there are problems in Egypt as well HOWEVER now that i know both Worlds i can only say that LovHope Compassion def. has a Point when S/He says that solidarity and roots are more important then Money. Its not black and white Folks, live and let live, and treat People the Way you would wanna be treated. We can learn from each and other. Bless and thank You so much Aki Ya Habibti for the Video, Mesh. Peace be with You also in Eashoa M'sheekhas Name.

p.s: if i had to generalise i would say that it was def. much more positive then negative what i seen and experienced in Egypt, the Folks are mostly nice, humble and simple People who are very hospitable and helpfull. I never had any problems with any religions. I respect anyone as long as they respect me and treat them accordingly and i am a direct Lady who has no Problem voicing her Mind.
Edward Lomaseng
1950 just like gay club in any big cities.
Ahmad An
انا باکستانی ۔۔۔ماشاءالله مصر حلوا کویس کتیر
Mariyana Suraya
What a name of this village
Ruhi Rafi
Back ground music name please
Jamil Jamili
تحياتنا لكل المصريين من كوردستان
Shihab Kk
egypt beautiful country.support from india
Info 4 u
Love from Pakistan😘😘❤❤
Aminahowen Owen
I was in Egypt with.my family in 2017..just love it..beautiful Egypt...l will definitely want to go again inshaAllah...Love from Malaysia
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Palestinian women: Would you marry A Day In The Life Of An Egyptian Village 1 day ago   08:19

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