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Cambridge English
Read examiner's comments here

This includes comments on the student performances in this video, and information on the format of the Speaking test and how it is assessed.

A sample Cambridge English: Key for Schools Speaking test

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gabriele Desiderio
Today, at half past ten I have the exam 🤘🤘
sleepycacilocat :3
3:25 i can literally read the girl's mind
Ive got it on Saturday
Vanessa Alonso López
Today i did that examen i hope it went well..😅
Alexander Widerin
What's their age
Lucia Paganelli
Good i have the exam tomorrow i feel sooo nervous
Nathan1805 FR
OHHH, My cambridge test is tomorow!!!
Plutarco Simpson
Tomorrow is my exam i am so nervous
San X Gamer
ok :V
đức lê
My speaking test is in this afternoon, can everyone wish me luck now =))))
Hana 2812
My test is tomorrow and I'm really scared and nervous 😦
Hengly Choeun
My test is tomorrow . I'm from Cambodia . I'm so sad😢😢and scare👶I need a wish😑🔫
Laura López
They are level A1, right?
Who have an exam today or tomorrow?!?!
annibale casciato
Ihave the text tomorrow; i am scared :(
I m Sorry
I have the exam tomorrow and I really scared, because I think I m no ready for it... :(
Good luck, if you have the exam too
With love from Russia 💜
BK Games
I just got 147 I passed with distinction
Giulio TRDL
I will do this exam tomorrow!
Beatrik Official
I have the test tomorrooooowwwwwww
I have the PET exam tomorrow. God I’m so nervous 😬
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