Trump praises economic growth Trump uses energy speech 2 days ago   06:19

Fox Business
President Trump discusses the strength of the U.S. economy during a rally in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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Be Quiet
The economy was great when the last president left office...i c no economy changes since #45 was selected. Ask those poor coal miners in West Virginia how great their job prospects are.
Joe Blow
trump fooled all you inbred deplorables... hope you dumb farmers and rednecks go bankrupt
The crowd behind him is a green screen... 😬
divine angelvoice
The most amazing high IQ President America will ever have. His working ethics are astonishing and the power of leadership comes from God. President Trump you are the peoples President and we love you and support you all the way. No president has been harassed and hated like you Sir and yet you have a will of steel to stay focused on how to make America great again.God bless you and may the holy spirit always guide you in this enormous task.
Yes Trump is doing great job. China just raised Tariffs on USA of 200 billion dollars. TRumptards take out your wallets and purses , Walmart wont be cheap !
Syed Hoque
What’s Donald Trump’s Nickname for Amy Klobuchar? Low Energy Amy? Little Amy? The Democrats Jeb Bush? Worse than Jeb Bush?
dan timmons
Obama and his husband Michelle said it could not be done.
MoodMe Mood-Me Face Tracking
I hope I am not insulting the intelligence of Trump supporters by pointing out that the reason why Trump's economic policies seem to be working (for now) is because he has completely deviated from Republican economic policies (he is not, and really never has been, a Republican). Higher government spending, higher deficits and tariffs. Those are things that Democratic Presidents (Obama) have tried to do in the past but have been stopped from doing by Republicans in Congress. Going into massive debt and hoping it will all be OK, of course, is how Trump operated in the business world and I guess it did work for him. Now we're experimenting with that with the entire country. Fingers crossed.
Monica Moore
Beware of those who seek constant crowds; they are nothing alone. ~Charles Bukowski
Arabiel Avelar
Hipocresy so why General motors closed its manufactur plants
That's a businessman right there
g bridgman
The democrats think they're going to beat this guy? Well, delusion is their hallmark, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised.
g bridgman
Attendance figures on this rally?
Best President of all time!
Commander HBK Chakreyz
I drive my family happiness. Not political. Hav my siblings is family
Commander HBK Chakreyz
Yes so you have the histories all over countries where we had found
Mary Sister
May God bless President Trump and America!
This President is fantastic!!! God bless him, his family and his generations to come.
In 2018 real economic growth was 2.9%. We haven’t seen that much growth since 2015.
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Trump uses energy speech Trump praises economic growth 2 days ago   02:19

President Donald Trump used an official government speech at a liquefied natural gas export facility to handicap his potential 2020 Democratic opponents and attack the Green New Deal proposal for aggressively cutting carbon emissions. (May 14)

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