Economic Recovery Gathers Pace: What is GDP ? | How to calculate GDP ?? Hindi Explained. 1 month ago   24:12

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India's GDP growth soared to 7.2% in the 3rd quarter, thanks to a strong performance by the manufacturing sector and farm output. Govt has now raised the GDP growth forecast for FY18 by a notch to 6.6%. So is the worst over for the India, which has regained the number one slot on the growth charts. This revival of GDP growth is the topic of discussion on this edition of India Development Debate. Listen in!

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KRS Subramanian
This is a wonderful program. But one humble request. Can you please stop flashing slides showing various statistics which are very distracting and make it difficult to follow the speakers. Further the stats and the comments are not correlated tightly making the listening experience worse. I am not sure how many viewers can juggle between reading and interpreting the data while digesting the panelist's comments...especially in a difficult area like this development economics ! Please help.
Rajarajan Sivaraj
The Q3 2017 GDP growth of 7.2% has less reasons to be celebrated:
1. Rise in GDP growth generally happens when investment flows. For investments to flow, banks must be willing to lend at lower credit interest rates, which would not happen till Q2 2017. So, what happened suddenly at Q3? The finance minister extended recapitalization funds worth Rs.2 lakh crores to banks last quarter. This helped the banks lend, which boosted investment.
2. So, should the govt and FM be credited for this? Not quite so. The govt kept telling that demonetization and the subsequent transfer of public money to banks would help in huge recapitalization funds for banks. If that's the case, why would FM extend Rs. 2 lakh crore fund to banks?
3. Note that this move by the FM has taken a toll on fiscal prudence. The govt was unable to meet its fiscal deficit target of 3.0 for FY 2018. So, this recapitalization funds to banks have come at the cost of increased fiscal deficit at 3.5
4. To make matters worse, the RBI has indicated that inflation, at the later half of this year, would be at 5.6%, and the crude oil prices have been steadily rising. So, this growth at 7.2% would perhaps not be lasting till the end of this year, further compounded by the fact that RBI would not be cutting down interest rates due to the ensuing inflation and the rise in crude oil prices.
5. The only positive aspect, which could be attributed to Q3 GDP at 7.2%, is the rise in exports for the past 2 quarters. Part of this could be attributed to incremental declines in the value of the INR rupee.

Due to the above reasons, this surge in GDP could rather be temporary and might not adequately boost job growth.
Sadguru Prerna
7.2% GDP is still recovering ! Dont know what these people drink in their tea/coffee !
shambhu nunia
But GDP is calculated in GDPmp not NNPfc
Ved Sharma
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What is GDP ? | How to calculate GDP ?? Hindi Explained. Economic Recovery Gathers Pace: 1 month ago   06:48

What is GDP ? | How to calculete GDP ?? Hindi Explained.

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