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A scientist inadvertently creates a magical dream world! Oh No!!


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Didn't Sexual Lobster animate this? Correct me if i'm wrong but I think I remember reading this on Newgrounds when this was originally posted.

*edit* Ok I was wrong, I just checked Newgrounds and he's credited as the artist, soooooo, why is that nowhere on here?
Simply Zeronor
Animation was by Sexual-lobster, wtf
Marla Sunshine robot/Cat
Well, explosion made astroids a smile face that's farting rainbows finally, XD
Sillypilly Studios
And that’s how the 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s was born!
Михаил Терехов
Это самый ужасный сценарий класса К который я только видел.
If the earth is a owl why isn’t the ground fluffy
A world where tseries and artical 13 aren't real...
What Americans actually believe.
i wish life was really that great
Shawn Teske
That was

Not that people care, but the funny thing with this is, the fact that it doesn't stop or appear to slow down, means the transformation is self sustaining. And considering it hit the Moon as well, that means it would travel indefinitely across, eventually, the entirety of known space.
michael catone
0 :15 the dog looks so cute
Lemar Mckoy
So this is where Kirby lives
welcome to pyroland
Preet P
Why do your animations remind me so much of sexual lobsters work...
Mini Roi
This would be the worst thing ever
Holy nuts, 9 years ago this came out
rainbow bliss the Galaxy cat
OMG so cute
Kilyén Balázs
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Grandma's Cheese : animated music Cute Explosion : animated music 2 days ago   02:03

Grandma's Cheese
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