MPs debate Brexit impasse - LIVE Prime Minister's Questions: 19 June 2 days ago   2:40:51

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People asked for a political separation from the EU.
MPs simply dont want to forfait the huge, huge MEP salary.
Socialist and Torie bastards.
There was never going to be a deal. When did a majority of the dysfunctional EU ever agree on anything? It was always going to be a hard Brexit, an economic depression was baked in. Still Germany needs to trade far more than the UK. In the end the UK will have a new version of sovereignty, plenty of trade and more or less avoid the slow motion Brexit train-wreck.
Calum MacKenzie
P1ss poor performance from the Government minister on the issue of sharia law in Brunei, almost to the extent of condoning it!
chris hardman
Listen bent bastards leave won we are leaving no deal
Malx Jay
the fact we have legally already left the corrupt EU is being ignored by channel 4, disgrace
we all know who to vote for
fuckin gender pay gap still really?!?!?! its a fucking lie!!!!!
Christopher Haigh
Barry Shearman is the biggest zombie, he's been bumming a living in Huddersfield for 40 years.
anthony carter
Why don't you all go and
upsticks and live in European union you asslickers.
no deal will only be disastrous for the most incompetent in government. They would be exposed when the time came to broker new trade deals.
Peter Jones
you are all so fuc@ing finished bye bye scum bags
Peter Jones
4 Q E U
Peter Jones
Peter Jones
the you you lie
Peter Jones
who,s that knobhead shouting in the background
Peter Jones
tim larner
What an absolute farce, its like an episode from Eastenders.

Politicians will all ways do what is best for their pockets and not the people in which they represent

David Cameron made it perfectly clear when he stated "British people must have their say" and will be given a simple choice ... "If we left the European Union, it would be a one-way ticket, not a return," We all knew what we were voting for

Why are they debating that if they have another vote to remove Hard Brexit from the table, the politicians options are stay, stay with a deal and remove hard Brexit from the option

That is not Brexit, Democracy has gone
Sam Newman
May is representing the banks and big business
When it comes to it, they only care about their parties,and not the country,everytime they sa,y labour this, conservative that.
Just get us out of the eu.
Lol to think leaving the EU is a good idea... It's insane how much of a massive degenerate, poorly educated clown you have to be, but hey, that's basically your standard entitled, lazy English who would rather blame hard working foreigners for their short comings. xx
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Prime Minister's Questions: 19 June MPs debate Brexit impasse - LIVE 2 days ago   53:25

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