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As the Conservatives continue their talks with the Democratic Unionist Party, columnist Mark Steel looks over the possibilities that lie ahead for the new parliament.

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Joe Soap
The maddest/saddest thing about the 'Democratic' Unionist Party is that it was founded by Ian Paisley.
He was a bible-bashing, barking (in both senses of the word) bigot.

Given the record of organisations that used the word 'Democratic' in their title such as the German Democratic Republic, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, it seems that he was either thick as pig shit, ironic or had a bad memory.
On the 4th. Jan. 1969 a Civil Rights march calling for 'One man, one vote' was attacked by Unionist thugs, organised by the Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley.

Did he even know the meaning of Democracy?
Having invented his own religion, I suppose power had gone to his head.
what a prick!
Strontium Stargazer
Ever worried about squatters breaking in to your house while you’re out? That’s how Mark Steel used to find himself accommodation.
We vote for DUP in Northern primarily to keep the Terrorist-derived Sinn Féin from getting the majority. We don't necessarily agree with everything the DUP say.
Neil Colley
good on you mark
Mickey Finn
As brilliant and funny as this is, no matter how leaving the EU or not pans out, nothing shall change! The poor shall remain fucked and the rich shall get richer! Although I am inclined to imagine a bit of social unrest, nae, societal breakdown is the only change that could change anything.
vijaya fernando
Unity government is still here Mark
Galvin Harrison
Nothing short of brilliant.
Jayanth Karuturi
Man, I love this guy
Mike Jones
Wolfgang Aus
It is great to see the English having such a grasp on what the dup bigots are really like..... the British government have made the biggest blunder in the history of democracy. The near future is going to be a real pantomime, Theresa May won't know if it is day or night. The very last people the tories should be putting any dependence on is the rhino skinned dup.
jim cazador
Fair enough, the DUP are white religious fundamentalists that should be kept at bay from mainstream politics but they are no existential threat. But I wonder if Mark is aware that there is a sixth century religious fundamentalist cult that is blowing up people on busses, tubes stations and pop concerts, stabbings and car attacks and many want to implement sharia law? He was pretty silent on that and I cant recall any youtube parodies on any of it either. Ah well, cultural relativism and all that.
Good luck with the DUP. First time I've ever felt sorry for the English
Templar Knight
Cant understand the hype and idiotic nonsense over people refusing to accept Corbyn lost.   The Tory's saw a massive win in Scotland and still beat labour by nearly 60 seats, while Labour gained 26 seats.   I think mass hysteria of " wishful thinking " had clouded people brains.
Hannah Dyson
John King I was talking about Theresea May with her wanting to pull out of Human Rights and having accesses to peoples internet history. We all know that the media will never show Labour in a positive light. I voted Labour .
John King
Hannah Dyson thinks we are turning into North Korea because we are voting Socialist. You silly girl. The clue is on my Labour Party membership card:- "Democratic Socialist". I suspect you are one of those people that thinks that a hereditary head of state and church is a good thing. The North Korean government agrees with that totally. Their head of state is hereditary chief priest in the religion his grandfather founded.
New Thought
Stunned how people are voting for the Tories and insisting they are sane.
New Thought
Mark, love you.
I love Mark Steel, his book on the French Revolution was funny as hell, I miss his lectures tv show too.
Kernow Forest
Top man, Mark Steel, and his radio programmes broadcast from a guest location are great too. Having lived and worked in Norn Iron for 10 years, I can this DUP alliance being a total farce.  He is considered left wing, but I say he talks sense.
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Michael Portillo: Theresa May is toast Mark Steel: I've got an idea 7 months ago   01:29

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