Priest applauded for calling out Northern Friends of killed journalist Lyra 2 days ago   01:23

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29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee died after she was shot in the head while covering riots in Derry, Northern Ireland. Her funeral was held today.

Mourners at her funeral erupted in a spontaneous standing ovation as the priest calls out Northern Ireland's political leaders sitting in front of him

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populist revolt
She was murdered by the establishment elites because she was investigating and going to expose why hundreds of young boys were going missing in Ireland over the decades
With respect it was a self answering question.
steven budd
Every one of those N. I politicians is there because of sectarianism. They didn't get there because they excel at their job or because of brilliant social policies. This is how sectarianism gets useless people elected, so it is little surprise we haven't had a government for 2 years and that the situation is going backwards. They will learn nothing from the tragic death of this young woman. And come the next election, will the people vote them out? Nope. They will vote for them again, despite the waste, despite not delivering government for 2 years, despite taxpayers paying them enviable salaries. It's pathetic.
Peter Bennett
Fuck the IRA and fuck the UVF. Fuck the petty fighting. Time to move on. They’re all drowning in fake patriotism.
Mia Wallace
I can’t stop watching this, so glad the priest said something. The look on those politicians is priceless, they should be ashamed of themselves. Still heartbroken over Lyras death. Beautiful women, inside and out. Doing good in the world, she was taken too quickly. RIP ❤️.
It is very sad that this killing happened...It is also sad that it is being used by some hypocritical politicians like for instance Corbyn....the state murder apologist...the antisemitist and non believer....give me some genuine grieving for goodness sake....It was an honour perhaps to have the PM and the Taoiseach and Arlene....but that man...NO! dare he stoop to that....!
King Alfreds Shieldwall
Arlenes thinking 'Am I missing something here? surely the IRA have caused the divide?'
tr2300 tr
New ira .vermin pig shit and subhuman bastard..I'm irish you are not and don't ever think for a moment that some day you will be irish. As of today most decent irish people will vote no to any referendum on a united Ireland. Who the fuck wants ye vermin as our fellow citizens. Do not murder innocent people and say it's for a cause. Shame on you real ira I do hope karma is swift and very painful for you.
Jamie Whitelaw
Honestly how is arlene foster still in charge of northern ireland. U can tell from her face here she doesnt even care about the death of Lyra McKee. Shes a disgrace to politics and her party. Get rid of her i say!!!
Paul Millow
That's What the Liberal Media gets When they report Fake News, By the Way Why Is Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn There????
Susan Thomson-Lafosse
The death of a msm SJW journalist is not to be a sad moment it’s a good start. The media is the new cancer of the world.
God bless you Lyra x
If I was PM, I wouldn’t turn up to the funeral. Why would I turn up to a funeral of someone I never knew existed? Just to manipulate people into liking me?

Politicians didn’t give a shit. It’s pathetic.
j goshchuk
Using a funeral for political gain? Only religion can bring you that disgusting action! Appalled should be the headline
Jay Kingston
YouTube is fixed! This video was in TRENDING and had 7 likes 1 dislike and only 166 views!!!? Wtf??
Pathetic . Religion is to blame for more violence than anything . Load of old fairy tale nonsense
dup look like they don't give a f*ck.
Lol. Theresa May awkwardly decided to also join in there applaud.
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Friends of killed journalist Lyra Priest applauded for calling out Northern 2 days ago   02:23

Friends of murdered journalist Lyra McKee have defaced an office belonging to a dissident republican group by putting red handprints on the walls of its headquarters in Londonderry.

The group held the protest over the murder of the talented journalist and published author.

A number of Miss McKee’s friends walked to Junior McDaid House in Derry, where they used a pot of red paint to place handprints on the side of office walls.

A group of some six men, understood to be members of republican group Saoradh, who are associated with the New IRA, stood outside the building during the intense protest.

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