Salomon Freeski TV S4 E19 The Man and the Mammoth EP11 Salomon FreeskiTV - Wave 2 days ago   05:57

A cave man finds skiing thanks to his new-found friend, a wooly mammoth. Told in Stop-Motion Animation, this is the most creative and unique episode of Salomon Freeski TV yet.

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Vaughn Sigal
Clearly almost no one in these comments knows how much effort goes into a stop motion animation like this. It really is a masterpiece
Rc C
This kicks ass but I'm pretty sure sherpas cinema ripped this off
Jason Giblin
Horrible, shouldn't even be an episode
Avery Hiron
Zahra Zainy
my first words at the end of the video was "WHAT-THE-FUCK-WAS-THAT!? O-O" thumbs up if you can relate to that
Armand Oberoi
this sucks, out of all the episodes of this the only one truly lacking anything cool at all is this one.
haha switch butter 720 first time? good vid
I saw the spot in a bar in St. Anton last week. I LIKE!
THis is really creative. Love it. its an absolute travesty that videos like these dont get half as many views as videos about call of duty...
Loved it until the Neanderthal noshing. Why oh why did he swallow the guy?
yeah stone age twintips :P
Niall Harney
That must have taken a lot of still pictures!
4:02 he has a go pro!
Ken H
what's up with getting eaten?
Same but the glowing building on the North side of the Granville street bridge, the concrete/ gravel under the Burrard street bridge and all that awesome pow (That of which is Whistler I'd assume) would be a clear indication. :)
Gnar Shredder
also incase you guys are wondering what kind of skis the man is using in this video they are called the salomon mammoths. they are 115mm under your foot and have a wood core with early rise in the tip and tail. the man likes to mount them in the center for even swing weight.
Gnar Shredder
very cool. the next episode looks like its going to be sick. cant wait.
Pietro Halle
Cool, but the end kinda sucks
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EP11 Salomon FreeskiTV - Wave Salomon Freeski TV S4 E19 The Man and the Mammoth 2 days ago   07:45

A year in the making, Mike Douglas and Cody Townsend fulfill a dream of towing into big waves on skis in Hawaii. After 4 weeks, 5 broken skis, and 1 big scare, they proved that it is, in fact, possible. Is it just cool, or is there a future for skiing on waves?
Decide for yourself.