Top 100 Best Songs Of All Time Top 10 Most Important Moments in Music 11 months ago   17:53

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Atg Bella
Where's Madonna??
Nico Schon
Thriller Michael Jackson?
Josh Alfirenko
Rich girl?
Rosendal Jr.
this list makes no sense
Amanda Phillips
Why bother .....
I just can't believe that 2017 was 2 years ago
Marín Thomas
Chinguen a su madre todos
Coco Daft
this list sooooo cliche, even you put better songs in the last places, i guess that the list should be called "The most famous songs of all time"
Viet Nhat
I love Elton
Mariano Jara
A day in the life
Let it be
Strawberry fields forever
Anonymous Player
Tf this is all country music
Rowan Phillips
Luke Hahn
I'm anger they didn't c418 volume alpha Minecraft
may or may not have celebrated when I saw Pink Floyd, also if yall like em, check out Brit Floyd, they're a cover group but they are phenomenal
i hope that is not a ranking. you cant rank that titles
Jake Toole
Disappointed with the #1 choice
The Headbanger Sugar
My best music artists per decade
1950s-Elvis Presley
1960s-The Beatles
2000s-Linkin park or Eminem
2010s-......avoid this decade
Maxence Delecroix
WTF i just spotted that lucid dreams by juice WRLD is inspired by Shape of my Heart by Sting
Ashly Espinal
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Top 10 Most Important Moments in Music Top 100 Best Songs Of All Time 11 months ago   14:45

Top 10 Most Important Moments in Music History

Bob Dylan going electric. Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. Queen at Live Aid. Elvis Presley singing Hound Dog and gyrating his hips. Beethoven debuting his 9th Symphony. Nirvana on MTV Unplugged. All of these are influential moments in music history. Without moments like the Sugarhill Gang reaching the Top 40, we never would have had rappers like Kendrick Lamar or the Notorious B.I.G. Without Madonna performing Like a Virgin on the MTV Awards, we never would have had Britney Spears singing Baby One More Time. Music legends like Johnny Cash, The Who, Freddie Mercury and more mad moments that shaped music history, and changed modern music forever. WatchMojo is picking the most important moments in music history; check it out to see if your favorite music moments made the list!

If you want to see moments in music history that impacted the music industry, like Kelly Clarkson becoming the first American Idol, the launch of MTV or Apple introducing iTunes, check out our Top 10 Moments in the Music Industry:

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