Top 100 Best Songs Of All Time Top 10 Most Important Moments in Music 9 months ago   17:53

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cmon bro where is Dire Straits
Titshere5 !
65:Sweet child o'mine..........
John Lennon deserved to be number 1 I wish he was still alive same with mercury and bowie and Harrison
Joshua Torrez
13:26 oh god this is so sad man
xXsham3l3ss111 Xx

Me: skips almoste the hole song to fund out if my favorite song is here.
Rolo Danger
Me las se casi todas, aunque no las entienda, pero la #20 the police - every breath you take. The best 🔥🎶
Zeljko Ciric
Bohemian rapsody no.1 Freddie Mercury best singer of all time
Rogerina Taylor Is my spirit animal
I am offended
Jacko- 13
Where is Mötley Crüe
Naiara Diaz Rubio
17:23 bohemian raphsody the BEST❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
How is sweet home Alabama 85????
Manuel Lambertus
I dont know abt lea zepplin that low; but imagene at #1 is the right choice
Where is modern talking?
We want Sweet home Alabama
Jordan Ferreira
Red hot chili peppers?
Ad Bobo
Bad choice. I can do better.
daniel hart
This is bull shite almost every song is fucking rock
I think that Rebel yell by Bill Idol and Somwhere over the rainbow should be on the list. Also kinda sad to see no rap songs.
J Keeper
Im only on number 90 but there better be some fucken queen on here lol then 88 pops up better be some more lol
Heloise Lourenço
don't stop me now's missing
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Top 10 Most Important Moments in Music Top 100 Best Songs Of All Time 9 months ago   14:45

Top 10 Most Important Moments in Music History

Bob Dylan going electric. Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. Queen at Live Aid. Elvis Presley singing Hound Dog and gyrating his hips. Beethoven debuting his 9th Symphony. Nirvana on MTV Unplugged. All of these are influential moments in music history. Without moments like the Sugarhill Gang reaching the Top 40, we never would have had rappers like Kendrick Lamar or the Notorious B.I.G. Without Madonna performing Like a Virgin on the MTV Awards, we never would have had Britney Spears singing Baby One More Time. Music legends like Johnny Cash, The Who, Freddie Mercury and more mad moments that shaped music history, and changed modern music forever. WatchMojo is picking the most important moments in music history; check it out to see if your favorite music moments made the list!

If you want to see moments in music history that impacted the music industry, like Kelly Clarkson becoming the first American Idol, the launch of MTV or Apple introducing iTunes, check out our Top 10 Moments in the Music Industry:

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