Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy 3 months ago   02:44

Because he cannot physically bathe in a tub or shower, Casey is forced to wash in a trough.

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0:36-0:42 ALMOST like a pig????? 🤔
Payton Watkins
What if people see him take a bath???????? :(
He is actually trying his best 😉
James Grey
If he gained 40 more pounds he'd be a 747 and could fly away.
Finley Tarry
At least us proper body wash
Im always wondering how can u let it come so far?
interesting avocado :3
Well at least he is keeping clean for his size some people just don't bathe and like just wipe it's not very nice
Victoria Samano
I feel bad for him he's Is nice and sweet
Saysha Gibson
Saysha Gibson
alex ramirez
Dammmmm he is so fat i feel bad
Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr
DISH SOAP? ??????
THE Clown
살찌는게 무슨 유전 병이라도 되는냥 그러고 나왔냐..;
어휴.. 징글징글해 가족에게 민폐네
carol m
Who buys the food for these people
Its not love to do that.
You want food .you walk to the shop .you work to pay for it
Gymnastic Lover
Not to be rude but that thing used to be a bathtub for him would be a pool for me that how the world is oh 🤷🏾‍♀️ well
Gog pool
"bigger guy"? Try JUPITER guy
Gustavo Paiva
Nussa kkkkkk
I'll give one of you about tree fiddy to drink that dirty trough water.
brittany melinda
I hate People some Comments are rude, impolite, i'm very ashamed of human in general, so of me too but especially of adults who should give more good exemples to kids and teenager, i am a teenager.
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The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe 3 months ago   03:28

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