Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy 5 months ago   02:44

Because he cannot physically bathe in a tub or shower, Casey is forced to wash in a trough.

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Scribbler 8282
Let ur dad be free this is kinda sad
BEST Videos
That man so fat... Thanos had to snap twice
Lennox Palmer
What would i have done to get my husband back if not for the help of Lord Zakuza. I was in totally confused when my husband divorced me and said he was tired of me. My life was nothing without him and i tried all i could to make him cancel the divorce but he said his mind was made up and we went our separate ways. I was crying in shock, shame and pain when my friend when searching for help and i was told to get in touch with Lord Zakuza for help by an old friend of mine when she heard what i was going through and i hurriedly contacted Lord Zakuza and explained everything to him and he told me that my husband will come back to me begging me to accept him back all within 12 to 16 hours. Later that day, my husband called me on phone crying and pleading for forgiveness at first, i thought i was dreaming until he came to the house begging. Right now, we both are living as one. For more enquires on how to get in touch with Lord Zakuza, Email: doctorzakuzaspelltemple@hotmail.com or WhatsApp him on +1 (740) 573–9483.
Khwandaw C
Mam how you can do? if one day you are alone.
Eliza S
i feel so bad for him
Burger Hobo
Later he uses it as an ice cream bowl
Chabuddy G
He says almost like a pig, as pig has more dignity then he does. No sympathy what so ever for him
Boxer Mom
Wait..... Did.... Did he just put Palmolive dish soap in the bathtub?!
Rachel Stein
Dish detergent, tho??
Some kids dreams are to be NFL players some kids dreams are to be astronauts Mine is to be Casey
Snitzy Baby
This was #2 on trending btw...
RoN, BeCky LemMe SmAsh
I looked up “obese axlotl” (dontaskwhy) and for some reason this came up
Regina Rusch
Damn boi he *_THICC_*
He needs to get his shit together cause his dad won’t be here for long no offense
Jasmine Haule
His dad should be retired and chillin but he's helping his lazy 30 year old son wipe himself and wash himself woooow
Do4self 1
2:31 WTF?
Elliott Kunerth
I just...do not understand how it gets to this point. I get that food can be a genuine addiction like any other, but how on earth does it take someone to get to 700+ pounds to realize they need serious help??? How can you let it get this bad??
Jodus MacGotuss
The dad is so genuine. "I shouldn't wait on him, but I do." Unconditional fatherly love.
Sheba Reins
Imagine it being a workout just to lift pieces of skin to bathe
Amanda muthalovin Manning
He washes his balls, then his face. Smfh
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The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe 5 months ago   03:28

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