Story of Stuff, The Critique Part Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy 3 months ago   11:52

The Story of Stuff is a Leftist Indoctrination Movie Being Shown in Schools All Over America.


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Lee Doren has a passion for public speaking, being the youngest speaker to lecture for the Ronald Reagan Political Lecture Series at Oberlin College. He has given speeches in Annapolis, Maryland on the Bill of Rights and at the U.S. Capitol for the 9/12 March on Washington. He has been invited to lecture at The Cato Institute, The Institute for Energy Research, the Young Britons’ Foundation in the United Kingdom, the State Policy Network and Lehigh University. He has also provided commentary for Fox News, CNN, Reuters, PBS and Air America.

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Comments 2027 Comments

Thanks Lee
You were a trailblazer
Somsubhra Moulick
Wait you dumbos nature will gat back to you and that will be your worst nightmares. Dont always see communism of leftist ideology in every environmental issue.
Gregory McGhee
Who is the twit in the indoctro doc?
Evan Running
Doren's style is kind of hilarious.
Jordan Richards
I love you story of stuff
jimmy c
10:14 did she just say I made Iraq lose it's oil? Yikes
@ 7:13 what he dosent mention is the reason why its cheaper to produce in other countries is NOT because of economics of scale.. its because companies can save money because there is no environmental ( or labour) regulations.. so for all intents purposes we are just pollutioning other people land. This is why pollution is so bad in china.. because corporations really do exploit other countries with less or no enviroental regulations. I don't know how you can claiming with a straight face that the only reason companies move there business overseas is solely due to economics of scale
@ 06:06 he misses one extremely important point.. income inequity is absurd world wide.. The top rich 20 individual people ( i.e. bill gates , the koch brothers, the owner of walmart) etc own more wealth than the bottom 50% of the entire world. When you say they lifted themselves out of poverty in India they are still living in poverty even today if adjusted for inflation. And you call what people make in India ""earning a living" not to mention the fact that it was at the expense of American jobs.
And we really do go to other countries to pollute there land. because environmental regulation are lower in 3rd world countries.. this is why pollution is are absurdly high level in china.. because that is exactly what corporations have done.. polluted other countries
That is just semantics.. if you have an objection with the actual work toxic.. what term would you have preferred.. would the word pollution been more appropriate.
And she probably should have shown some of those toxics going out of the chimney into the air
Also what she say about not being tested of synergistic impacts.. he should add that big corporations have very little incentive to do such testing.
Why would say the company who discover absetotes what to do research to find out there products cause cancer.. Its just cheaper for them to cover that up. and try to avoid getting sued.. which is what they did for deacded until it was too late
Janice McIntire-Stearn
ok, I have to point out that this guy's critique is BS. like the adverage age of min wage workers is 33. so yes, healthcare is important for workers. the list goes on.
Dinesh Chandra
Arguments put up by Lee Doren lack substance and depth. Poor in nature. He has no sensitivity to understand existence and coexistence.
jose carlos
No solid arguments to make a critic, this video of Lee Doren is a waste of time.
I am from Venezuela (country founder of the OPEC), 90% of our GDP comes from selling oil to develop countries... if you dont buy it WE ARE FUCK!!!!, because we dont produce anything else.. well except Mis Universes and Mis Worlds. bi-winning!! :P
8:21 This woman went full retarded!!! it is call mass production (the assembly line).
Patrick Morgan
Critique? Moronique.
Dedede Main
This woman is retarded.
I feel awful for the innocent young children who see "The Story of Stuff" and wind up unnecessarily fearful of sleeping on their pillows at night. 

On a very real level, poorly reasoned Progressive thought is mentally unhealthy.  And we wonder why our schools keep dropping in performance in comparison to other nations'.
The left lies to get gov't control of people.Thats the point of the left-CONTROL !
The left lies and cheats to get its way to control people.
JJSmith Lago
In order for this form of indoctrination to work it requires COMPLETE and TOTAL market/economic illiteracy. This is why they are presenting this crap to 9 year olds and getting them while they're young. 
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Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy Story of Stuff, The Critique Part 3 months ago   09:23

Bill Nye has argued that climate change deniers suffer psychological delusions. Tucker takes him on in an unforgettable debate #Tucker