POLICE MEMORIAL: President Trump Obama's entire Dallas police 1 day ago   32:15

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Ellie Nguyen
President Trump truely loves his country and respect the men and women to die protecting their communities and their country. God bless you Trump!!!
Charlie B
Man this made me cry😅💔
Annette Cornish
Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
A poisonous 🐍 Snake will always threaten the lives of a living PerSon.
Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
Grey and Ash are not quite the same Evil.
Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
People whom do not understand EVIL stand back and enjoy it done to others.
Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
You cremate a person to ASHES when you dislike everything about them, so you reduce them to dust
Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
Keeping the ☮️ Peace is not about keeping silent to what we have agreed is wrong.
It's so nice to have a President who loves our Military & Law Enforcement Officers!
God Bless the USA!!
mark yager
Trump 2020
Constantine Blayz
Law enforcement by nature is about commercial protection, revenue generation, and enforcement of immoral and unethical laws. The American Police State is The greatest threat to life, liberty and life. It is sad to see so many people embrace their masters as heroes.
TRUMP. THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER !! May God bless you sir.
Wayne Teachman
Even our Spanish Americans came from so-called Socialist systems where they starved and had to scrap for food and Dictators and they know best that this is not what they want in America so Democrats are liars when they try to say they got their votes they use this so they have room for their elections Robing and it should be more than a fine it must be Prison time AUTOMATIC
Derek M
God bless our president, God bless our police and God bless the USA.
jeremy s
Alex White
Navek Ydeer
I don't like the photography on this commercial. Shows a woman and her daughter. The daughter is like 9. And the camera focuses on her ass she got really tight pants to go up the crack of her ass. This is sexual oriented I think it's inappropriate.
Peggy Johnson
God Bless you president Trump.ypur the greatest
Tree Jumper
The "Christians" at FOX10 News love to vilify the Holy Bible... the Holy Bible is ANTI-GAY and not only anti-gay, the Bible is anti-SIN. Get you FOX10 Christian hypocrisy today.
Tree Jumper
Too funny.. Roe vs Wade was based on a big huge LIE. But leave it to FOX NEWS TO PREACH THE LIE.. Ignorance loves lies..
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Obama's entire Dallas police POLICE MEMORIAL: President Trump 1 day ago   38:18

President Obama called for unity during a speech at a memorial for the Dallas police officers killed following a peaceful protest march.