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My friend Erika's 1 year gym journey. Lower workout glutes. Health & fitness Philippines.

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Nice vid keep it up
Two Pair
Going on B adventures binge watching session, decided on this as my first one.... and my second one. Haha
Doyle in the Philippines
hoy hoy hoy bro do another vlog on that beautiful sexy yummy manok :)
X-RaY ViDz
Your boy Sez Style put all his videos private lmfao!! I told that douchebag his channel will fail once he fucked it up with Lynn.
Camille S
This really inspired me to go to the gym more often and tone my legs as well. She’s so pretty!
Jason in Missouri
Good thing you just happened to have all this footage laying around and decided to do something good with it😉
Blake Grandersen
Dude you always know the most beautiful women.
I can see that one guy pretending not to look, but he just can't help it LOL
Karl Enzmann
Can you suggest a good gym in Manila/Makati? Making my first trip to the Philippines in March
Rocco-Gil Dizon
finally, some booteh -licious change mate
Chase Top secret
Dude I hope that she is more then your workout partner!
michael j
I going for a lay down after watching that I exhausted lol. Nice vlog as always
Paul Flanagan
ill be good and only say omg! shes cute😉 good on her 👍 never give up or in ganda😉hope she recoverd ok from bike injury..👍✌good motivation vid brendon☺
I like the way she gives that extra push on the squat. I can only imagine!
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Off-Season Back Workout with Filipina Gym Journey, Booty Burn 2 days ago   24:57

My Supplement Regime - Back Day

Axe and Sledge Supplements

1 scoop Fuel Pump
1 scoop Ignition Switch
1 scoop DemoDay

Intra - Workout
1 scoop DemoDay

Post Workout
1.5 scoop The Grind
1 scoop DemoDay

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during this workout. Back days are always big Training Days. You are working half of your upper body, very large muscle group, Drink Fluids!!!!!

Off-Season Back Workout

Warm Up - Pull-Ups & Pull Downs.
75 to 100 reps total. Fill the Back and Lats Up with Blood and get warmed up and mentally ready to slaughter the Workout!!

1. Close Grip TBar Rows from corner
5 x 12,10,8,8,6 - Pyramid Up in Weight. Don’t forget ROW the weight with your lats, don’t pull the weight with your upper back.

2. Chest Assisted TBar Rows
4 x 12,10,8,8 - Overhand Wide Grip - Focus on hitting the Top portion of your back. Big Thick Upper Back. Do your best to keep your chest pinned to the pad.

3. Reverse Grip PullDowns (Hammer Strength or Cable PullDowns)
4 x 12,10,10,8 - I prefer one armed to have more control and focus on each side of the body. But you can do 2 handed. Remember this is to hit the front of the lat, the overall lat and the lower lat insertion. Pay attention and make the mind to muscle connection. Feel those parts of the body firing, and working!!

4. Seated Wide Grip Power Grip Cable Rows
4 x 12,10,10,8 - Pyramid Up in Weight. Remember to pull the weight to the area of the body that needs the work. (Refer to Video - Pull the bar to the lower stomach : work more of the lats. Pull the bar higher to just below chest height : work more of the upper back.)
So which ever area you are lacking Do That!!

5. Pull-Ups , Pull-Downs with every different Grip until you can’t do anymore! Start with regular pull ups. When you can’t do anymore.....move to assisted pull-ups, when you can’t do anymore of those.....Move on to PullDowns and do those until you hate your life and want to go home and eat steaks and potatoes!! 💪⚒💪