Filipina Gym Journey, Booty Burn GROW a BOOTY and TONE legs 1 day ago   02:15

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My friend Erika's 1 year gym journey. Lower workout glutes. Health & fitness Philippines.

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hoy hoy hoy bro do another vlog on that beautiful sexy yummy manok :)
X-RaY ViDz
Your boy Sez Style put all his videos private lmfao!! I told that douchebag his channel will fail once he fucked it up with Lynn.
This really inspired me to go to the gym more often and tone my legs as well. She’s so pretty!
Jason in Missouri
Good thing you just happened to have all this footage laying around and decided to do something good with it😉
Blake Grandersen
Dude you always know the most beautiful women.
I can see that one guy pretending not to look, but he just can't help it LOL
Karl Enzmann
Can you suggest a good gym in Manila/Makati? Making my first trip to the Philippines in March
Rocco Dizon
finally, some booteh -licious change mate
Chase Top secret
Dude I hope that she is more then your workout partner!
michael j
I going for a lay down after watching that I exhausted lol. Nice vlog as always
Paul Flanagan
ill be good and only say omg! shes cute😉 good on her 👍 never give up or in ganda😉hope she recoverd ok from bike injury..👍✌good motivation vid brendon☺
I like the way she gives that extra push on the squat. I can only imagine!
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GROW a BOOTY and TONE legs Filipina Gym Journey, Booty Burn 1 day ago   11:22

I wanted to share with you guys the workouts that I've been doing at the gym that have been giving my butt this super round LIFTED perky pop and toned out my legs, it's added so much VOLUME I'm in awe!! Seeing results so quickly ( within a few months) has me so excited to continue hitting the gym! There are some HIIT workouts here and weights including the barbell, the leg press, the leg extensions, and hip abductor! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see!

Leave me a comment down below on what my next video should include or what area you want to see my GYM routine for!

Thank you guys so much!

Barbell squats
Total 100

Walking lunges+Weight x20
Explosive lunge-squat-lunge x10
Bulgarian split squats X10
Cross bench still lunge X15
3 machines
5-6 Sets/ 15-20 Reps each Increase weigh each Set
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Hip Abduction

1 Standing Hip Abduction (20)

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