Kids Give Their Parents Ellen Presents Last-Minute Halloween 2 days ago   07:06

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Kids Give Their Parents a Wild New Hairstyle | Kids Design | HiHo Kids

#HiHoKids #KidsDesign #hairstyle

HiHo Kids

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Serenity Lane And Friends
“Your getting a little warm.Are u starting to sweat a little mom?”
Sushi Cat 59
Those poor parents 😂😂😂
ink guy 2
Its so cute )))
Bilal shoaib
I cant believe the parents trusted them
Priela Cezanne
I feel bad for the parents.... 😢
Tiffany Choi
Omg the very end 😂
Demi Roblox
At the end the mom hit her kid!!
Why don’t I get to do these things
Maddy A
Gacha Tiffy
Bruh when I was scrolling down the comment they say "the mother with 2 sons" something like that, but whaaa??. The first part they show all there names.
oh no, Høney
I feel sooooo bad for the dad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jon Melendez
Ok next time get a real barber to do designs/Fades.
the melon is great😂😂😂
Why isn’t anyone talking about the ending where she accidentally slapped the kid😂😂😂
1.000 subscribers by doing nothing
The Dad was so cool with it like
Ankita Ghosh
The poor dad must have cried his heart out when he went home😂
Maira Vlogs
The honest title should be ‘7;06 minutes of parents total regrets’
Loli pop
When the girl colored as a watermelon she put green at the bottom but the forgot to put green am I right or no tell me
Sophie The Shadow
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Ellen Presents Last-Minute Halloween Kids Give Their Parents 2 days ago   04:51

Don't have a costume for Halloween? Ellen has some last-minute outfits you can make for your kids this year!