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Jill Schiefelbein
Impromptu Guru ( is proud to present this sampling of 60 Second Guru videos so that you can get a picture of the whole 52-video series. Each video is approximately 60 seconds long, so that you can improve your communication and public speaking in under a minute!

These five videos are a sampling from each of the categories: Before the Speech, During the Speech, After the Speech, General Communication and Business Communication.

Specific titles shown in this video are:

• Before the Speech: Do the Penguin!
• During the Speech: Eliminate "Um" and "Uh"
• After the Speech: Getting Audience Feedback
• General Communication: One Cannot Not Communicate
• Business Communication: Communicating for Buy-In

To see a list of all of the videos in the series, visit

Videos are presented by Jill Schiefelbein.

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محمود صلاح الدين
Thank you.
Good tips but please lose the music
You are just incredible. loved your video. Your body language & eye contact is awesome. thank you ma'am from INDIA.
God bless you !
Aman Setiadi Moses
That's a kind of great practice!
zoya Abid
at least she had something for our help. I am thankful
mohamed babers
So funny very informative
Paradise Entertainment
I feel as tho as soon as I walk up the stage everyone starts judging me or I think my hair is messy or I look horrible or something n it all plays with my mind which ruins my presentation
Mahedi Hasan
Thanks mam for give us video
The Why Not Show
this is great but you are not looking at the audience, you are reading and to me who is keen it makes me uncomfortable.
I just love the concept and the content of your videos. please let me know if you have live presentations available outside US
Fm Tawer
Great this useful. I'm going to have a presentation soon
IdealBusinessResources ConsultancyServices
This is great stuff because as a consultant i find my self doing presentations and sometimes find my shaking/nervous.
Pranay Sonawane
Thankyou so much. I need to interview an actor infront of my all my colg. And i am freaking out
Carving Cooking fun
i like your speech, i like to become like you, i am a chef, and i have good knowledge of food safety, but now i want to become as food safety trainer, please advise me, thanks
Carving Cooking fun
i like your speech, really very nice speech
bah jalloh Math FUN
i jus came from an interview.....but i was so shy as fuck
am pretty good in math but my shyness prevent me to get tutoring job in math....i hate may self as fuck
deana jones
this helped so much thank u I'm in drama next semester and I'm freaking out
Many thanks for sharing!🙏🏻
Terrible Tallrus
Helpful tips. Thank you!
jay fawn
I really hate presentation! It always end up so bad , I'm so afraid at people and waiting me to make mistake. I dunno everything I do turns so bad
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