DRIVING BACK TO NYC? ALMOST Seafood Boil with Eat with 6 months ago   16:00

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WHAT'S UP GLAM SQUAD! ► Hey guys! My day 1 of vlogmas starts tomorrow. I wanted to still give you guys a vlog and catch you guys up on where I've been...

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Maya Cincosa
I love Melly Mel. You two have such a cute connection.
Jenni and Tati
Are u in Long Island ? Cause there is only 2 Walmart’s out here .. Long Island and green acres ( which is still Long Island ) or u will never tell us lol
Adelene Charles
Melly mel looks thick...i don't remember her looking so rosy.
rac Gillett
Melly Mel miss you so much
Your friend in the blue looks like Ella Mai lol
Faith Blair
Lol I tell people all the time driving in Manhattan is not the ideal... however if you in bk, bx or queens having a car is okay
Tia Austin
Awwwwww melly mell cutie pie 🥧 moment 💕
lena pink
Girl I thought you had your hair cut in a bang LOL until I really looked yeah that stuff works.. good choice hun....
Mikell Preston
I’m convinced you was a lil tipsy talking to melly 😂😂😂
Tracy G
Damn parking for $25.00 a day! We know who ballin $750.00 a month
"Gimmie me some YUMS" thats so cute
Awakening Soul
I'm like didn't you just post this vlog. Then I realized the thumbnail pic changed and another. Trying to get double views for the same thing or YouTube up to something? I see you 🤷🏾‍♀️
Mayauhh Trick
$25 A day. . . Oh no babbbyyy
Autumn Davenport
What type of car do you drive?
MyLuxury1st Hair, Pigments, and Apparel
Gas is under 3.00? That's a bargain. We out here paying 4.00 in Cali
Keshila Mann
The way melly mel was looking at you almost made me cry! Dogs are truly man's best friend!!
Mbombo Kazadi
Everybody in her family does the baby talk 😫😫 lawwwd lol
Sheen Boo
Jayla you stay on the move , glad you made it home safe
Bri's Beauty
awww when melly mel was laying on Jayla was literally the cutest thing! 😭😍💓 & i'm so happy you got your car back but $25 a DAY .. damn! 😂😮
Rae Love
OMG! The conversation with "Mellie" 🐕 was too precious

Aww Harlem too cute, he's so nervous when he's in the car. He must have car anexity, poor baby
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Seafood Boil with Eat with DRIVING BACK TO NYC? ALMOST 6 months ago   32:04

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