2019 Chinese Grand Prix: BRDC British F3 Championship, race 1 day ago   05:44

After a dramatic start, who would win the 1000th F1 race? Sit back and watch the highlights from Shanghai...

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Anton Mifsud
1:16 What an overtake by Vettel
Yusuf Hadi Al hadad
Another DNF for Renault. Wish they do better in the next race
My predictions for the Azerbaijan GP:
>Ferrari uses a team order on Leclerc
>Verstappen does a thing
>Gasly is stuck in the mid-field
>McLarens are unusually competitive
>Hamilton and Bottas get 1-2
>Williams face dead last
>Ricciardo or Hulkenberg met with great engine failure
>Raikkonen says a thing
>Leclerc becomes sad
>Grosjean crashes for no reason
I haven't kept up with F1 much this year, and I come back to find Hulkenberg out with a car failure, Kvyat using someone else as a brake, and Lewis driving his own race. The only change is they look like they got trapped in giant flip-flops.
จันทิมา คงวัน
julian moyano
Just two words: ALEX ALBON.he had everything against him, last position from the pit lane and he still managed to get a p10. Just amazing. Only a few people realized about this because the race only was focused on Hamilton, vettel, leclerc, bottas and verstappen...Toro Rosso did an amazing job repairing Alex's car.
bob Brown
I guess I’m in the minority when saying the race wasn’t boring...
Mike Salvador
We would like to say a thank you to Lewis Hamilton for winning 12 years and 75 wins
Roman Zerstoren
F1, I saw a Superformula race, there is a cameraman on the track shooting cars while they starting formation lap. I think it would be a nice idea to make the same thing in Formula One.
Are you fucking kidding me first Mercedes with dumb team orders now Ferrari
these F1 cars sound like kart cars
Kan Kan
Nice drivers
Գեղամ Կոծինյան
Hamilton is best
To be honest, I'm sorry but I gotta switch to NBA boys
F1 is pointless. Watch the stuff from the 70's, 80's and even the early 90's for real racing. It should have been put to bed then.
warotham op
เฟอร์รารี่ รถไม่แรงรึคนไม่แรงกันแน่
Friedrich Siefferman
Max is the only real racing driver on the grid
azael vivas
Lamentablemente la formula uno es peor cada dia los pilotos ya no son tan magistrales como lo eran antes verdaderos pilotos... Unfortunately formula one every day is worse because they are not great pilots as before, now the one with the best car wins.
I’m so sick of hearing people complain that the race was “boring” these types of people are the type that like action movies instead of a brooding drama. You can’t have random winners in F1 every race because the cars and drivers are so finely tuned and at an elite level that other codes just can’t come near. It takes time for the tides to change, cars and drivers slowly get better or worse because they are at such a high level. You can’t think of F1 as one race, it is a slow burn over the whole season, some races don’t have as much action as others but they are just as important as the other races, it’s similar to a good drama, you don’t have to hav things happening every episode, sometimes a filler episode is just as important and sets up for the next thrilling episode. So how about all you action movie types just go and watch NASCAR or something along those lines instead of bitching about F1 all the time. I on the other hand will continue to watch my high quality F1 drama.
Marco van Noort
The race battles in the rear are more exitng than in the front...
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BRDC British F3 Championship, race 2019 Chinese Grand Prix: 1 day ago   31:16

The second BRDC British F3 Championship race of the season is the always exciting reverse grid contest, with yesterday’s podium finishers starting right at the back and needing to carve their way through the field, with points also awarded for positions gained. A field of international drivers will take on leading British contenders, as they aim for Formula One.