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In the field with Professor Simon Haslett visiting Miami Beach (Bay) in Batu Ferringhi on the north coast of Penang Island, Malaysia, in the Straits of Malacca. Miama Beach was hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami on 26th December 2004 and , unfortunately, a number of fatalities occurred on the beach despite the tsunami being relatively small (approximately 3 m high). A report after the event recommended the erection of warning signs educating beach users to the signs of an approaching tsunami; however, none were seen during the visit. Educating beach users to seek higher ground if the sea recedes is important in minimising future loss of life due to, in this case a relatively small, tsunami.

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Thanks I'm in the area right now and had no idea that beach was effected by the tsunami.
Good Job Professor.
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Malaysia's Priscilla Patrick tsunami 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami 5 months ago   15:45

Priscilla Patrick, Radio Traffic Presenter, appeared in public for the first time to share her harrowing experience of tsunami in Sri Lanka, back in 2004. During the aftermath of the disaster that claimed the lives of more than 200, 000 people globally; humanity, kindness and honesty united people from all walks of life and nationalities in bringing hope and aids to the survivors.