In Search Of History - Akhenaten: Egypt's In Search Of History - The Mysteries of King 3 months ago   42:41

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Narrated by David Ackroyd

Still called the Heretic King by Egyptian historians, Akhenaten ruled from 1377 to 1360 B.C. Controversial then as now, he abolished the old religion, replacing it with a one-god worship, and built an entire city dedicated to Aten--a Sun God. But after his death, his successor Tutankhamun returned Egypt to its traditional values.

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joseph ishkabibble
Sadly I can’t watch this anymore b/c anything I see Hawass in I look for something else
Kenneth Edwards
The ultimate historical royal freak. A hermfradite with that long strange head.? (Changed the religion ect). Quite strange .
T roy Thomas
If anybody is interested.. This can be explained..go to where a class and info are..facebook page ancient cartography America ..Akhenaten didn't live in Egypt Mideast.. You will be set down ..
chorpi *
Zahi hawass i see ur face again
Brian Picon
Aken didn’t worship the Sun, everyone in Egypt knew the sun was RA. Aken worshipped the God of light, the unseen God, the creator of all Adoni.
U Stunod
Jean Falco
Sheard Sheep
I wonder how many times history will repeat itself.
Americo Estrada
Amenmofes more like amenmoses!
Abdiqani Abdillahi
Harr Lee
I always TOTALLY admired and wasFASCINATED by this Echnaton /Amarna thingy .. period ..evenwhen I was only, 16
it s gotta b said...growing up , vaguely, with my Aunt,Tante Erika, who had a Pic of he Social House flat for, literally , decades...
Randy Smith
Of course, regarding the change in worship. It is the assumption of Egyptologist who may know little of what the symbol interpreted as our solar system sun is, it’s just a reasonable guess, that is if you don’t have an understanding of a more Esoteric teachings of religions then you’ll miss this. There are other religions that suggest a single source for Origen of all spirit, all knowledge, all energy, all life, referred to as the central sun which in higher vibrational realms is at the center of all the universe. To associate this with monotheism is right, and is a fit for as much as we can comprehend it, the Same God of different names of our other monotheistic religions. People get tripped up I think with a sentence like, (And God made Man in his image). People jump to the image of man and interpret God, wrong direction. God is Spirit, that is man’s true image, it’s in the descriptions of all monotheistic religions, it’s just kind of Esoteric.
Kathleen Fraser
John Lagatutta
There is only ONE TRUE GOD. JESUS
Felton Mitchell
Sorry white people have lied so much about history I don't believe a word they say
Lloyd Baldwin
he was like Bill Gates he work in Cannon be for he was King and Moses was his half bother and the earth was like now .
Thanks for posting the excellent documentary.
Shanin Coffer
Does anybody want to talk about the war chariot wheels preserved under the Red Sea?
Spark Swain
I recently realized if I went straight to the comments instead of watching the videos I could save a lot of time. Apparently most folks who post here know much more than these poor educated Egyptology specialists making these documentaries. Much appreciation for the posting of these videos, history needs every outlet possible before the revisionists remake the past and try to adapt it to the hashtag way of perceiving the world.
Douglas Crosby
It was enjoyable but still filled with guesses and speculation if you don't know don't try to indoctrinating the watchers, and really we can conclude that little to nothing is known exactly in most all of it has been created to make it more interesting.
The artifacts are fantastic let us just observe those.
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In Search Of History - The Mysteries of King In Search Of History - Akhenaten: Egypt's 3 months ago   42:39

Narrated by David Ackroyd

Of all of Egypt's pharaohs, Tutankhamun remains the most famous and enigmatic. Despite amazing discoveries made when his tomb was unearthed, little historical information exists on him--and much of that is shrouded in debate. What really killed the boy king? Did the "curse of King Tut" kill three of his tomb's discoverers?