Brassed Off - Concierto d'Aranjuez 720p Orchestra Italiana Bagutti - "Concerto 2 days ago   05:49

Scene featuring the late great Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald and Ewan McGregor...
Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez never sounded better!

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Shaunie Todd
goverment destroying all the towns again fucking bastarts
Henny Jonker
Beautifull, for ever
martin farley
british tv at its best
Michael Kathöfer
die schönste version die ich kenne....mitten ins herz
Neil .R. Cartwright
Watch and see
Aga W
Przecudny utwór w przecudnym wykonaniu.
Daniel Stump
I need to watch this film!
Loved the faces on the other musicians when she started playing...
Philippe Pauwels
Orange juice ? =zumo de naranja= British humour or ignorance ?
3:57 Is the real band
Orange jus concerto? ¡Joder!
Steve solo.
God bless all the miners around the world past, present and future generations without them we would still be in the dark ages!!!.🙏🏼💎😎
Steve solo.
Excellent film, excellent cast, excellent music God bless Pete postlethwaite the best actor in the world RIP!!!.☮️🙏💎😎
Mongo Boogie
As fabulous a film as this is, I can’t help feeling as though it gives too much time showing the famous faced actors and not the real personnel of the Grimethorpe Colliery. Granted they’re not actors but I would have loved it if all the scenes with the big name actors had been a bit more interspersed with the real life band members; at least those that could appear on camera without going all “deer in your headlights,” the moment they’re on camera with a famous face.

Obviously the star of this film is the late Pete Postlethwait but the music , theme and tragedy , (for want of a better word ) of the mines and brass bands that often went with them is the real star.

Pete’s speech near the end sums it up perfectly.
Being a Trumpet player as well as Trombone I can relate to this! So well done! That young Lady can play! Pete Postlethwaite was great in this as well!
John Bennett
Did my underground training at Grimethorpe in the late 60's. Great pit, should still be open.......
Ian Rhodes
One of the best films ever about British social history
anil tatre
Alexander Siwek
This is a testament to what we are or should be
Linda W.
Flugelhorn horn 😍 Tara Fitzgerald does brilliant impression of someone actually playing one!!! From her embouchure to the fingering 10/10 she's obviously done her homework... Unless she IS actually playing it!!!
Alison Wünderland
Rubbish, where's George Formby?
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Orchestra Italiana Bagutti - "Concerto Brassed Off - Concierto d'Aranjuez 720p 2 days ago   05:35

Dal vivo, in diretta, il flicorno e poi la tromba di Massimo Mascara dell'Orchestra Italiana Bagutti, in una coinvolgente interpretazione del "Concerto d'Aranjuez". Per poterlo ammirare in HD dovete selezionare la visualizzazione in 1080p cliccando sull'icona a forma d'ingranaggio (impostazioni) in basso a destra dello schermo di Youtube.