MCLAREN DOWN :( NOT How I Wanted My Weekend My Insurance agent seen the video 2 days ago   15:25

Street Speed 717
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Thanks to Lakey Inspired for the vlog music!

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Street Speed 717
I just wanted to be like Salomondrin and alex choi...
NFA Review Channel
I HATE when someone calls be "bud" or "son" or anything else besides "brother" or my name. Strange pet peeve I know. In other news, who gives a shit 😂
doesnt matter if you "were gonna win"...YOU DIDN'T because your car control skills suck
Old Soul
Well damn, that sucks. Glad you are okay though. I guess it's time for upgraded turbos 😏
Lol burble down exhaust in distress
Sunshine State Lyfestyle
There's a McLaren dealership in palm beach should've sent it there.
Eric Hall
Mike really appreciates all the critics to.cause yall are paying for breakdowns like this one. You cant deny he does make good videos.Always entertaining and always bringing new content.
camaro camaro ss
Ya 7000 miles thats alot super reliable car lmfao.
General Cigar
I was hoping it burned down
Nick Shirley
It’s not about how reliable the car is stock though Mike! Once you start doing engine mods and getting 1000 hp and more reliability goes out the window!
FuriousWolf777 voodoo
Super burner cars..only down side fires 🔥
Cory Unferferth
So first their exhaust cracked and now an oil feed line...think I'd stay away from that company.
Cory Unferferth
Pretty expensive bonfire 🔥
Léandre Peck
Hopefully Mclaren doesn't void your warranty.
mexico right lol
Terrell Dodson
Why you looking like Mac Headroom. But love your cars.
I fw the stranger things intro
That red 'vette @0:14!!
Reptile Obsession
Trade it in for a new nsx twin turbo v6 3 electric motors. 👌🏻
Professor Liberal Avenger
Too bad McLarens aren't reliable.
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My Insurance agent seen the video MCLAREN DOWN :( NOT How I Wanted My Weekend 2 days ago   12:44

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