Instagram stalker followed us while MADE A BAD DECISION! 2 days ago   19:21

Funk Bros


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Funk Bros
this is getting very uncomfortable for us.. ordered a bunch of stuff to help catch this stalker.. thanks for your support and amazing investigating! Love you guys, Capron..
Robert Bromage
Play hide and seek in a burger king
Carrie Legere
be careful because this guy might get your licence and post it so be careful guys. and also park your cars inside the garage so they dont get your licence 👌👍✌
Rylan Castillo
8:54 voice crack level Too high to explain...
The chunky Junkie alex
That truck was behind you when you guys where on the drift trikes right? Edit: just looked back ain’t the same truck
Cassie Cote
Just gathered times of what other people found. The stalker is wearing black.
11:49 (Corey mistakenly sensing the stalker for a friend)
You didn’t fully blur the license
Scott May
I Saw Someone At 17:02
Manohar Namshikar
You guys should try trikkes they are carving vehicles
rinku chaturvedi
Happy birthday
The explorer's
I think they took the pic on there camera then later after they ran away or got safe then they put it on insta
Butterfly Production
hay did you guys see that news paper they should have got it
Justin Ek
you should get concealed carry
Omari Arms
Or heat vision
Omari Arms
To catch the stalker u need night vision goggles
Lucas Cantaragiu
At 11:46 to 11:50 someone on Corey's right side is a person
Marcellin Faimasui
i no this is a late comments but u should play in the haunted mansion
Sam Smiles
I find it suspicious that the boys mentioned the stalker before it happened later in the video, is it possible that the stalker was listening
Ally C
13.18 you can see the truck you followed in p1 pull to the side
darcy hudson
at 9:36 there is a head shape behind coreys head and then at 9:39 there isnt
I love your guys videos and I hope you find the stalker
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MADE A BAD DECISION! Instagram stalker followed us while 2 days ago   08:08

Made a bad decision at the trampoline park :(

Here at the super trampoline park and started off warming up with some tricks like a double backflip gainer, kabooms and more. After messing around with the new camera we busted out the bounce balls you sit on and did some odd tricks, kicked and threw them at each other while others joined in! Do you want us to flair that ramp on our scooters? Comment "you won't"! Ended it on a bad call from Capron, he accidentally landed on Corey trying to jump over him but he was ok after that!


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