How does the rollable TV work? Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype! 2 days ago   07:50

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LG Electronics
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Milan Svitek
"it's going to be a lot"
Thanks Austin Obvious. ;D
villavan kothai
Sorry but there is no inbuilt TV speaaker that can beat my surround set up. ...and 8k? Please... give me real 4k first.
"Or should I say.. Hey guys!" 😂😂
klaas muller
What is happening on the TV 4:43?
Huy Ly
Anyone else think the painting is subtle dig towards Samsung?
Mr. Foxey
Hey Alexa play rollout
b r o u g h t t o y o u b y d b r a n d
So the title is "how does the rollable tv work?". Did you got it? You didn't explain anything about how the TV works. Good job. The more the popularity the less quality is the content. That seems to be the universal constant in this ridiculous society driven by money.
Tony Penne
Linus making Austin look like nerd. WOW
Thanks Linus. Your enthusiasm is infections, wonderful new tech....but I won't buy a new OLED 4K or even replace my old HD flatscreen until they stop spying on me. (I've already returned a Vizeo because I could not leave the 'we want to spy on you' option.) It's the principle. I don't really care that they know what I'm watching, I'm not doing anything illegal, embarrassing. So far big data is stupid and evil and not much else. (It also gave us Donald Trump) I submitted over 9000 ratings to Netflix, and we saw what they thought about that.
Now TV watching is spending inordinate amounts of time wading through the stuff I've already watched or rejected (dozens of times because they keep changing the picture) to maybe find something I'm interested in seeing... or just giving up and switching to Amazon, or turning it off. If Netflix was a restaurant, customers would have to find their dinner outback in the dumpster with all the old food, rejected food....
Easy, it doesn’t
people from around the world 'booed' Linus. best day ever lol
Hey guys, Austin here!
Ajay Nelson
4times a day for 32years
Elliot Holley
I watched this entire video hoping to see Linus tackle Austin Evans
J Wohl
Ok, I have to admit this is BAD A$$!
Keerthivasan S
Cool bro
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Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype! How does the rollable TV work? 2 days ago   12:24

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