Token - No Service (Official Music Token Finally Responds To Eminem 5 months ago   03:58

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Prod. Nox Beatz

Video Directed by Ben Proulx and Token

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Jermain Scott
This dude is amazing
J witt Music
Check out my new single “You and I”
PP Stretching cream
He’s not the next Eminem because he raps like a god he isn’t the next Eminem he’s only one person TOKEN
Shenelle Thomas
I love the video but some of the words are misunderstood
Cosmic Verm
jonah ramos
He won’t ever be that big ok but he is amazing and fast
That beat put on that TRON LEGACY mood jeez. Like that set the tone of the video for me.
The SameThing
Did anybody noticed that the clothes on the bed in the begging is from those firemen?
Khwezi Kona
Before my grandpa died, he called me
Only to remind me every day above the ground is a blessing
I didn't pick up because I was underground in the basement, in a session
No service, yeah, no service

I act like I miss home even though
I started writing raps really only to escape it
Only part of travel that I look forward to is the plane ride
Give me space and no service, no service

I won't go to service for mom, won't go to service for dad
Grandma think I need religion, sister think that is a trap
When I saw the rabbi he asked me if I'm faithful
I said "Yeah, I'm faithful"
Thank god, thank god, thank god he didn't ask what I'm faithful to
My girl pray like she faithful, she pray, pray that I'm faithful
But no matter what I really say, but no matter what I really do
Every thing that I say isn't true, everything that I say is a fight
She think that I only wanna fight, but I do not wanna fight with her
I just wanna see how much fight, how much fight she got in her
How much trust she got in her
How many tours I go on, how many times will I slip, how many chances I get
How much love she got in her
How much trust she got in her, how much left she got in her
How many times I bought dinner, how much cash can I spare?
This meal cost like one fifty and I'ma flip a fucking chair if I get no service

Are you guys all set to order?
Yeah, uh you wanna go first?
Yeah sure, can I get the uh, I don't even know how to pronounce it
But it's right here on the menu

By myself in hotel rooms
Is the only time I can really get myself to sleep lately
"Do not disturb" sign on that door handle for the cleaning lady
I want no service, yeah, no service

I write about the shit I think about every single day
Fans say it takes so much courage
My boy just got back from the military
I never said "Thank you for your, service"
No service

No one thinks I need guidance
No one thinks I need nourishment
Two thousand comments on my last post
No one thinks I need encouragement
No one thinks I need a visit
No one thinks I need a favor
No one at my doorstep
Except packages delivered by a stranger
Mailman at my house
More than anybody that I know today
But I never shared a word with him
Shit, I don't even know his name
I wonder how much he infer about me
From the fan mail and those words about me
Expensive clothes, new phones, humidifiers, microphones, European outlet adapters
And shirts in buckets, CDs and both that refer about me
He probably knows me better than my friends
I bet he never even heard about me
When I'm home I don't tell a soul
Only management and that label know
My fans say they wanna take my soul
But sometimes I think that they care the most
My fans only wanna hear my heart
I give it up like this shit ain't in my flesh
I give it up, give it up, give it up
Momma said "What if one day there's just nothing left?"
That made me wonder who's after my soul?
Shit, do I even believe in a soul?
Maybe I'm just overthinking it all
Probably just overthinking it all
Monday eight AM, outta bed, hit the gym
Leave the gym, find the flow, one day
Used to feel like a brand new beginning, now it don't
No complaints, old friend at the gym
I know it, I saw some bag at home
Knock, knock at the door, leave me alone
I don't wanna see no more motherfuckin' postman

Postal service, postal service, is anyone home?
I tried to get ice cream but the mcdonalds machine had no service...
Uncrafty Crafts2.0
This is the epitome of REAL rap it’s pure straight from the heart mind and soul I can’t get enough of his music I haven’t disliked one song yet ❤️❤️❤️
I have a feeling Token could be a great actor aswell
Jimmy Roberson
Bro so many context in this. Truly blessed to be able to listen to this. Your music inspires me. And helps me keep my head up. Thanks for the good vibes man. Keep the shit coming. Every lyric spit is straight fire. Nobody raps like you. It’s truly a talent nobody has. That shit is special. So glad to see you utilize it
These songs are inspiring but they are also fire.
Rose S
Im learning all the lyrics, even if it kills me
cant the firefighters break open the door?
träna hårt
this dude looks like a white hopsin, just compare the nose
brock davidson
The very first line hit me so damn hard. I've had to of listened to this song 50x by now.
Nice work Token.
joseph schichler
This kid is better than Eminem so please stop with the comparison
Crazy Luch1
itza fkn casea #GOINPLATINUM💯✔🐇👊💛💛💛💛💛💛😎
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Token Finally Responds To Eminem Token - No Service (Official Music 5 months ago   07:00

Token Finally Responds To Eminem - Now, a couple of days ago Token released his new project titled ''Between Somewhere'', and he had a couple of things to say about Eminem. That's what I talk about.

In this video I talk about Token's response to Eminem.

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