Token - No Service (Official Music Token Finally Responds To Eminem 2 weeks ago   03:58

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Prod. Nox Beatz

Video Directed by Ben Proulx and Token

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G Gutierrez
Wow. 👏👏👏
This is my favorite song from the album
You're the most underrated rapper I know.
Keep doing you. Don't become the 'look at what I have' guy that every rapper is nowadays. At the end of the day, real people will have more respect for honesty.
Waiting for the day that real rap becomes mainstream and takes over again. I'll remember you as a person who was a big part of that.
This song moves me so fucking much
Cody Chismark
Tomas Russell
Token looks like Oscar from Shark Tale. Change my mind
Brendan Sanderson
Who’s the girl at 1:10 tho
Manton Bailie
Cornball. Would have fit in with 3rd bass tho
Tyron Woods
This is the first time i'm listening to Token and don't feel any corny aspects. Very good song, amazing video.
Tio Frajola
Best song
Casual Watching
This is like a follow on from new problems like if you agree
JEDi Ninja Turtle
This beat is amazing. 80’s nostalgia.
Token to me feels like a white Hopsin
John Cena
Is he rappin or talkin...
White Female
Riley Williams
Sold his soul
here before 1M
Leon Rhule
Why the fuck i aint heard of you ur fuckin tracks on🔥🔥🔥
Thee Moonstar
This shit got my heart pounding lmao.
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Token Finally Responds To Eminem Token - No Service (Official Music 2 weeks ago   07:00

Token Finally Responds To Eminem - Now, a couple of days ago Token released his new project titled ''Between Somewhere'', and he had a couple of things to say about Eminem. That's what I talk about.

In this video I talk about Token's response to Eminem.

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