Watch Live: President Trump 'The Five' reacts to James 1 day ago   10:30

NBC News
Watch live coverage as President Trump and first lady Melania Trump host a celebration for military mothers at the White House.
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Watch Live: President Trump And First Lady Honor Military Mothers | NBC News

Comments 84 Comments

Douglas McCarty
All the thumbs down are Democrats
John Townsend
Anyone who deliberately evaded sacrifice through deferments not once but five separate times in the Vietnam war, a cowardly draft dodger par excellence, is definitely not qualified to be commander-in-chief. trump’s priorities never included his own military service. In his eyes, serving was, as the phrase goes, for other people. Over 50,000 americans sacrificed their lives in that war as trump carried on his self-serving hedonistic life style immersing himself in the Manhattan party scene and cynically boasting that “fighting venereal disease was his Vietnam” with absolutely no regrets or second thoughts.
Jimi Doss
He's a POS. She's a POS on the bottom of his shoe.
roger gil
James Robinson
Greatest president in history First Lady is a class act we are lucky to have them
Lincoln Apache Avila
Vilma Walker
T Dutch
And soon Donald Trump will send their sons into body bags, just for personal gain
Mira Al Shoum
😍 God Bless You Beautiful & Lovely People. Nice From You. God Safely ❤
Mike McKelvey
Goes golfing.. Vets have to wait a year to see a doctor, Stay classy
Miguel Gasnier
*Honoring Military Mothers???? Really???* I don't see *Mrs and Mr .Khan* at this "Ceremony" which is really meant to be a distraction anyways. So is that how you honor military families? Are you going to leave out the families who've made the ultimate sacrifice their country. And yet they don't get the honor and credit that they deserve??? *Shame on you Trump and Melania!*

*This should be a wake-up call to all Military families, men and women serving under this narcissistic president.* Just know that if you lose your life or your loved, while serving under this President. Then your family MIGHT or MIGHT not get a call from this president.. And if HE DOES call your families, then he might end up saying:

*Well, he/she already knew what he/she was signing up for..* Just like he did when he called the family of a Hero, who lost their Son in the *Nig3r Attack.*

I always give myself *"STUPID"* reasons for why shouldn't be angry. But how CAN ANYONE not be angry when you watch a *"misogynistic"* and *"military dodging"* person, disgracefully taunting and disrespecting real Heroes, Incl. their families??? *How can't you get angry??*

Plus look at this *"plagiarising"* woman who calls herself *"the first lady",* while her nipples are showing through her clothing and her bra!! You have a 13 year-old son at home, who's friends and their families are is going to watch this. Just stop embarrassing yourself.

I guess there can't be anything more embarrassing than being married to someone like Trump. Someone who dodged the Military and lies about everything. So It can't get worse than that.
Hope and Grace
I love our first lady to listen to her speak...! ....look at the way the president was looking at her....that was sweet! he's proud
........I know I'm suppose to be focused on less superficial matters than her looks but I cannot help itl....she's so beautiful and so classy . It doesn't matter what she wears ....she makes it look great. But her taste in clothing is exquisite and so is she.

Awwww did you hear that? President Trump misses his mom...I love our president
Everybody is "Special" to Trump!! Special this and special that....he has extremely limited list of descriptive words. Simple minded fool!
Trumps mother is turning in her grave as he opens his mouth! Spoiled rotten brat!! Turned out to be a piece of crap!!
Didn't Trump insulted many generals.....he truly has super thick skin!!
Ebi ga Ivanka
What a refreshing change from the two America hating POSs 2008-16.....MAGA!!!
Montana Crone
Melania looks like she’s ready to run. I just see her trying to swallow the panic.
Boathousejoe D
Whenever she "speaks" I start hearing The Girl from Impanema
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'The Five' reacts to James Watch Live: President Trump 1 day ago   07:04

Former FBI Director James Comey suggests President Trump could be prosecuted once he leaves office; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.'

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