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Dubai is a city of many faces: towering office and hotel skyscrapers and oriental bustle in Bur Dubai, the old town quarter. Mubashir Malik came here from Pakistan when he was just 18. He had heard a lot about Dubai: A place, where a lot of money can be earned, without being especially qualified. Now he has been driving a water taxi on the Dubai Creek for the past four years and feels like a rich man.
Brothers Arif and Faisal Matraushi are both passionate fishermen. Arif fishes from the evening to midnight, while Faisal drives to the Dubai fish market every morning at 3 a.m. to sell the catch.

Jeremy Sabaneer has worked his way up. He is manager of the "Leba-non" island in the middle of the "World", as Dubai's ambitious offshore island project is known. Jeremy began here more than 15 years ago, as a Pakistani migrant worker. Now he has his hands full. A bank has rented his party island for a company event. Jeremy takes to the air with water plane pilot Andrew Kennedy to check his world from above. And in the desert location of Lahbab, "mareTV" encounters racing camel coaches. Since the protests against the use of children as jockeys became more violent, they now replaced them with robots. High tech in a traditional sport. Typical Dubai….

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Customer Service101
The indians are the brainpower and workforce of the middle east. No wild arab has the IQ nor capability to do anything.
Eddy Macinac
Are those buildings designed to withstand impacts from stray dysfunctional Iranian missiles? , I don’t see any aaa or other air defence.
Jimmy Carlisle
It is pathetic of Youtube that the "thumbs down" button doesn't work anymore. I'm going to quote someone else as I think they said it well:

"This is what the entitlement, participation trophy generation has created. No one can lose anymore we all need to win. Now every comment can only be positive, no negative comments can ever happen. You can't even decrease the number of positive points a comment has if you try to thumbs down. Why does the thumbs down button even exist on youtube comments? It literally has no function at all. Is it just to give the illusion that there is actually a functioning, proper comment point system on that site?"
Jimmy Carlisle
Dubai is the epitome of everything that's bad about the affluent lifestyle of people like the Kardashians and other empty-headed bimbos. It is environmentally harmful, used virtual slave labour to build it, and the idiots that flock to it are supporting a ruthlessly oppressive dictatorship.
Michael Dundee
Where are the women and children?
Nina Gonazlez
These types of docs are good and instead of just highlighting the glamour, show the lives of ordinary people too. Also they are positive.
Raad Alkurbi
Welcome guys
We must not hate each other whether we are Muslims, Christians, Jews or any other religion
We are all human beings. There is no one better than the other. It is better to exchange respect and respect each other

All respect for all humans from Dubai ❤️🌹
Lando Nankoe
i thauhgt i will see that dubai never sleeps. at daytime almost everybody is awake???? dont you also???? so this is?????????????????????????
I’ve moved from NYC to Dubai, Dubaï is nice for expensive vacation but people are annoying as fuck ! Even expats ! Overall not a good quality at all !
Visual Learners
Wow..can here a bit of kiswahili in arabic language. Tisa - 9, hamsini - 50, saba-7.
Abdul Adam
Modhi has yre yet to build toilets in india what fuckinb joke
Queenly Queenly
I feel sad for all women wearing the black niqab while eating spaghetti and being in the hot sun when black attracts sun. I loved jumeriah beach, for one week I felt like a rich millionare even when I am very poor and broke and have no job. It was amazing to eat outside all day and have a nice morning buffe and sitting eating falafel in jumeriach beach while looking at the nice golden cars, it was like a movie
Crazy Clown
*Fuckin dirty, smelly, hairy arabs*
Jackson Mashinge
I miss DXB
samad sahebzada
i have seen some negative comments,,,,,some says slave, you are wrong, in this century no one is slave of somebody else.All are trying to do their jobs in good way to get good money and to help their familys outside of dubai or in dubai...when you think that they are slave then i want to tell you that you are also a slave of someone else in your life....
samad sahebzada
you have wrong interpretet the persich have to hear exactly and then interpret exact what he said.
...thank you
PR patel
DUBAI is dream of few local ,others are just trying to make a living .
Carmen vency
what is a wonderful country😮😮
Arsalan Dashtban
The Persian part of translation was absolutely false and wrong!!!!!!
Mr Hasan
دبي تم بنائها على شرف بنات الناس وبالغدروالمكروالغفلة وبالأخص التركيات والروسيات عجائز يهودتركية ومصر والشام يكذبن عليهن بالوظائف وهنا يتم تحويلهن لعاهرات بمساعدة شيخ القوواويدالعرب قوادشريف محمدبن راشدالمكتوم كورولدمحول سكة الخيل لدارللرقيق الأبيض الشيخ بومرية ولدبومدواخ أشرف قوادفي الحكام العرب.
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This Is How The Crown Prince Of Dubai Dubai: The Middle East Metropolis 1 day ago   11:37

The Crown Prince of Dubai or "Fazza" from the Royal Family is one of the worlds few billionaires and his story will amaze you! When you think of Dubai, you probably think of luxury shopping, expensive cars, and people with lots of money. But did you know that this city of the United Arab Emirates has its very own royal family?

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This Man Is Selling The Moon And Making Millions Of Dollars Out Of It

In fact, the UAE is a federation made up of seven emirates that are each ruled by an absolute monarch. When it comes to Dubai, the Al Maktoum family has been ruling the area since 1833 and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is in charge. His son, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was appointed the Crown Prince of Dubai back in 2008, which means he's next in line to be the ruler.

While the Al Maktoum family might not be as popular internationally as the British royals are, Sheikh Hamdan is a royal that truly deserves the publicity. Though he's the son of a billionaire, the Crown Prince of Dubai strives to be humble and to not let money rule his life. Besides helping to rule Dubai, his favorite things to do are travel, take part in extreme sports, go horseback riding, and write poetry. He actually writes poetry under the pen name "Fazza," which means a person who speeds to the help and support of others in the Emirati dialect.

If you want to find out how Sheikh Hamdan spends his family's billions, you need to watch this video. Not only has he traveled around the world extensively — which you can see for yourself on his Instagram page — he is also a very generous man. When one fellow Emirati pleaded for financial aid with his cancer treatments on social media, the Crown Prince offered to pay the entire $800,000 bill.

See what we mean? Other billionaires can sure learn a thing or two from this heir to the Dubai throne.

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