Kitchen Nightmares US S06E01 - La Galleria KitchenNightmares.US.S06E15 3 months ago   43:37

Kitchen Nightmares is an American reality television series broadcast on the Fox network, in which chef Gordon Ramsay is invited by the owners to spend a week with a failing restaurant in an attempt to revive the business.

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Dr. Delray
Someone please get this man doug a new barber...
calm down ella
37:24 get this woman her own show
calm down ella
8:38 i love rita lmaooo
David Hajjar
Sara is a Psycho, i love her!
Lisa gets fuck by the chef she's fucking hot like if you see that
Bùi Kudochi
Sara looks dangerous 😝
Tankesley David
Its a same rita has a wedding ring tattoo on her left wedding ring finger. Be cool if she could if stayed married.
greg pope
Pat the manager and waiter and host 🤣😆🤗🤓🙃🤡🤥😉 and comedian....???
Reia Taka
Every workplace has a mental bloke, but Pat is an exception.
12:53 that creepy smile is PURE EVIL
Tankesley David
Sara is just mean a little skinny but good looking
Roberto Cerda
I’d smash Lisa 😛
K&W Productions
Stik ya fingah in da rabioli an tell me it’s cold...
Jett Reggae
Funniest episode ever
Gaz Mach1
That bird is trying to stitch them up but tbf she’s telling him their worst points so he knows better what he has to deal with
Cat Woman
I like Rita. She seems like she'd be a fun time to hangout with.
Trever Lucken
Almost died laughing 23:50
Did she just swallow gum?
Did she just swallow gum?
Alex Grachek
You just dropped it on the floor...

I know :/
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KitchenNightmares.US.S06E15 Kitchen Nightmares US S06E01 - La Galleria 3 months ago   43:03