Nipsey Hussle's Friend Cowboy Nipsey Hussle’s Last ‘Extra’ 1 day ago   03:55

Entertainment Tonight
ET spoke with the late rapper's close friend at his Celebration of Life event at Los Angeles' Staples Center on Thursday.

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Can't believe it's not butter
I know I can't b the only one who thinks cowboy jst happenin to go out to pick up food and return the same time the shooter comes up is sus. He's gotta b in on this set up
Cara Night
And why would he shake him ?omg people nedd to educate themselves for situations like this ..u just supposed to stop the bleeding not shake the victim unless you tryna kill him...imagine dying on the floor and a snake holding u on ur last minutes of life .wow 😔rip nip💔
Cara Night
#1why he said the killwr was around buying food how he know ? #2 cowboy seems to know how everthing went down stel by step he sure got a great memory for someone who lost a "friend" ...i probably wouldve been in shock and for sure wouldnt remember that fast about wtf the killer was doing before he shot nip..#3 why would he put his food in lunch room for and said he be right back .? Im confused .
Monica Hill
God is good there is no one bigger than JESUS!! Prayers for everyone!
FileThis Information
Family members on the other side help us to be safe here, and we don't know it. Nipsey's friend/employee may have been told by his family in spirit to go inside and put down his food on the counter. Check out Theresa Caputo (AKA The Long Island Medium) on YouTube. Also, he was Nipsy's friend/employee. Don't go against him.
African Americans need to stick together.
Peace everybody.✌
Naomi May
Cowboy is part of his death.
The Joker
How staged is this? you sheeple believe anything the masses show you
Lad and Dad TV
Cowboy has told different stories in various interviews
Unsubscribing to BS !
Everything is “alleged” for now. If Cowboy is guilty God will not let him get away with what he has done. That’s all I will say.
Y'all people need to understand something... Words are spells. Why do you think it's called spelling? Why do u think CURSive is called cursive ? Cause words can put u under a curse. Why do you think "breaking news" is called that? Cause the news IS BROKEN.. fake news.. what's the opposite of pro? Con.. so what's the opposite of progress?? CONGRESS.. ppl needa wake up
chucky da Realone
Cowboy setting up nipsey what good would that do him what would he benefit out it nipsey wasn't rob people he was murdered in cold blood that guy Eric murdered hussle without a conscious at that moment and that's what it is the hell cowboy gone set his potna up for just to kill him without gaining nothing just take away the good times he shared with nipsey all the fun they was having flying private jets fuckin bad bitches together living the life just take away the man that probably got him thru life and help him in anyway for nothing y'all need to wake tf up that man ain't had shit to do with nipsey murder THINK he was already close to nipsey so if he wanted to kill him he coulda been did it and not publicly killed him
Why did he choose to wear the color gold
Sean Lucas
And how tf does a Crip gang member afford an attorney like Darden???
Sean Lucas
Ima say this and I’m sorry to offend. I been reading and watching all the videos from funeral to his moms speech. Your son, friend, husband just got killed! The mom is extremely powerful and yet have I’ve seen a tear shed from the lost of her son. Even Mary Jesus mom was wrecked watching her son hang and kept going to the tomb to see his dead body. Watching the mom at the funeral doesn’t look like a mother who just lost a son. Lauren doesn’t look like a “widow” that just lost a bf. Lauren is an actress. She read from a text and nothing was from the heart to me. The kids didn’t act like they’ve lost a daddy. The step son speech seemed scripted. No sadness in their eyes. This dude is scrambling for words. I believe this was staged to protect his life. Theirs hints in the mother’s funeral speech. She couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks. Please do your research open your eyes. Every doctor who has mentioned a cure for illnesses has been mysteriously dead even Dr. Sebi himself from “pneumonia” . Is it possible Nipsey had to stage his own death to prevent actually dying from the pharmaceutical industry to get out the spotlight? The funeral seemed like a celebration concert for achievements with his career. I believe Nipsey had to end his career to get out the spotlight to save his life. Nothing is sitting well. Even on the stretcher no blood. No head wound. In the video with cowboy he says nothing about a bullet wound to his head. That is a fatal shot . He would’ve died instantly. Please wake up. In the moms speech she reiterates to live a”vegan” lifestyle like Dr Sebi suggest. This brother can’t be dead. This is LA “Hollywood”
His story makes no sense! SMH
Spin Darella
Cowboy has to go along with all this shit for his good friend nipsey hussle, nipsey dead ermias alive
Major Kei
Complete idiot! They always interview the dumb asses on the scene and why is he always conveniently around when news cameras are??! He def had a hand in this.
Ashley Ashley
He claims he came right back outside and held Nipsey as soon as it happened but in the surveillance video no one came to his side right away... 🤔 too much stuttering for me and not enough emotions after losing his “close friend”
Vickie Santos
Vickie Santos
This guy cowboy hasn’t cried one time . Hmmm why wasn’t he part of the memorial??? He didn’t help , he didn’t have no blood . His story has changed to many times . He’s part of it .he said he was a business partner and he was just a employee. Blac Sam is gonna take care of his ass !!!
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Nipsey Hussle’s Last ‘Extra’ Nipsey Hussle's Friend Cowboy 1 day ago   02:29

More than a month before he was gunned down, Nipsey Hussle spoke with “Extra’s” Tanika Ray at the Grammys, where he was joined by girlfriend Lauren London.

Showing excitement over his first nomination, Nipsey said, “To be nominated on my debut album, it means a lot… We try not to let awards and accolades validate us, but it’s nice to be acknowledged.”