Calippo - Take Me Away Sam Robs & Kelvin Wood - No Scrubs 2 days ago   03:22

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*Channel resident Calippo is here with his new tune 'Take Me Away'. Can't go wrong with any of his releases!!* 👍
Belinda Orr
I make it through my worst legs workouts with this blasting through my headset! :-) Loving these clean, amazing tracks!!
Hayabusa 599
THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST FUCKING CALIPPO SONG YET, absolutely magical, the piano and synth is on point which is exactly what you expect from Calippo.
This is weird there has never been an artist where I have liked EVERY song they've made. Calippo just changed that!
Nickelson Karlson
half of the views are mine, i've been listening non stop 3 weeks wtf, these beats resenate with me so fucking much
Slim Chahid
Estie Garcia
Fav one right now🔥
justin lloyd
Put a donk on it
Vladislav Pavlyuchenkov
Calippo - insta like
Love selected so much 😀
Calippo always staying on top ♥
Michelle Wrs
LOVE IT!! can´t stop listen to it. Great work
Artur Andreev
Firat of all, Calippo you are the Beast love your style, rhythm and just music. I want to start this kind of music just as a hobby to keep myself occupied and at least productive. I have basic knowledge in music but where do I really start?
If anyone can direct me or give me a tip that would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
You are Selected.
Take me away
David Gonzalez
Ronan Banahan
Bangs more than me and my girlfriend
Kevin Samuel Perez Gonzalez
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my godnesss calippo isssssssssssss back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Vardarioter
Calippo is a god
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Sam Robs & Kelvin Wood - No Scrubs Calippo - Take Me Away 2 days ago   02:55

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Selected - Music on a new level.
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TLC - No Scrubs (Sam Robs & Kelvin Wood Cover)