Real Lawyer Reacts to My Cousin The Big Short - Credit Swaps 2 days ago   25:41

Is it possible that the two yutes...excuse me, two YOUTHS...
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I love My Cousin Vinny. Most lawyers do. It is just a great movie that involves great lawyering. Everyone should watch this movie. But the question is: Is Vinny Gambini a good lawyer? We'll find out today.

The movies starts with two students driving through the South on their way to California. Once they arrive in Alabama, they stop at a local convenience store to pick up a few snacks. The store clerk is murdered just after they leave and, in a case of mistaken identity, they are fingered for the crime. Facing execution, the students do not have enough money for a lawyer, so they hire their cousin, Vincent Laguardia Gambini (Joe Pesci). After failing the bar 5 times, Vinny has been a lawyer for about six weeks and has to learn the process on the job. Vinny has to defend his clients and battle an uncompromising judge, some tough locals, and even his fiancée, Mona Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei).

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I get asked a lot about whether being a practicing attorney is like being a lawyer on TV. I love watching legal movies and courtroom dramas. It's one of the reasons I decided to become a lawyer. But sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out because they are ridiculous.

Today I'm taking a break from representing clients and teaching law students how to kick ass in law school to take on lawyers in the movies and on TV. While all legal movies and shows take dramatic license to make things more interesting (nobody wants to see hundreds of hours of brief writing), many of them have a grain of truth.

This is part of a continuing series of "Lawyer Reaction" videos. Got a legal movie or TV show you'd like me to critique? Let me know in the comments!

All clips used for fair use commentary, criticism, and educational purposes. See Hosseinzadeh v. Klein, 276 F.Supp.3d 34 (S.D.N.Y. 2017); Equals Three, LLC v. Jukin Media, Inc., 139 F. Supp. 3d 1094 (C.D. Cal. 2015).

Typical legal disclaimer from a lawyer (occupational hazard): This is not legal advice, nor can I give you legal advice. Sorry! Everything here is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Nothing here should be construed to form an attorney client relationship. Also, some of the links in this post may be affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. But if you click, it really helps me make more of these videos!


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Comments 5150 Comments

Seriously, guys. If you're thinking about a suit, I can't recommend Indochino enough. (plus it helps out the channel)
Bob Marlowe
Marissa Tomei was a lot cuter than you telling him about disclosure. :)
Jesus Mark
Might not be a good choice since not a law show but I would love to see some opinions on House MD lol
As a lawyer, this is also my favorite courtroom movie. Both Fred Gwynne and Pesci are brilliant in this movie.
Jesus Mark
One of the best channels. Found you a few days ago and was looking forward to this review. Truly is a classic. Love your review. Also you made those suits ads a fun part of it.
Christopher Bogie
You should, do "the Rainmaker" with Matt Damon!!! Great movie and shows how most lawyers are sellouts.....*ahem*...indochino....
Good video, but of course, the parts of the movie were more fun to watch then the talking head parts.
I'd love to see Joe Pesci do a sequel to My Cousin Vinny, only obviously as a wiser and more educated criminal defense attorney, but still with the same bad attitude, vulgar potty mouth and contempt for the court, and still with Marisa Tomei correcting his every overblown assumption.
Rene McIntyre
What is the problem with co council who did his opening statement stuttering and touching and coughing on one of the jurors? Can this be done in real life? Do you think somebody can do this in real life like practice law without a licence? What would happen if he got caught? What would happen if the two defendants got convicted and Vinny got caught? Would there be a new trial? What would happen if somebody played Vinney in real life?
ken karish
1. What are the parameters of the fourth amendments probable cause clause? It seems it is being used in excess, especially on real police shows like Live P.D.

2. Do the prosecutors really have to turn over all evidence? During an investigation the Sharif's Dept. did not turn over hand written notes or recordings of the accused.

3.Funny you mentioned junk science, Yet psychologist are allowed in the courtroom, even when the prosecutions psychiatrist has not done any evaluation on the defendant, yet they are allowed to testify.

4. Why is it the police have to get a warrant to tap your phone line, yet are allowed to collect evidence on the internet. I have heard the argument of the internet being a public place, yet phone companies offer a party line where 2 or more customers can pay for the same line with different numbers to get a discount and yet those lines still require a warrant even though they should be considered public.

I very much liked this video, Almost as much as the movie.
Bryce Sagner
Objection! You didn't use Mrs Riley's testimony.
Tom NAnce
Please make more. Holy shit these are great.
Jonathan Bristow
Daniel Reitman
I once used the word "Attrit" in an argument. THe court asked if that was a word, and I replied that I had seen it used.
Daniel Reitman
There's a reported case from Texas in which the court fell asleep during a trial and the attorneys couldn't get a ruling on an objection. The appellate court called it harmless error. Unfortunately, I don't recall the cite.
I object: On the grounds that judge believes that “Sometimes dead is betta!”
Filip Kušević
You must be French, seing how obsessed with Indochina you are.
Do double jeopardy
Crazy Dave
Joe Pesci has to get his suits from They specialize in custom suits for men under 5'3
Nate The Guy
I will never buy an idontseeno suit just because I don't see no reason to buy a suit so dependent on a youtuber to promote it. A good suit sells itself. Maybe a little suitlty could get you further.
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The Big Short - Credit Swaps Real Lawyer Reacts to My Cousin 2 days ago   06:24

Dr. Michael Burry bets against the then iron clad housing market by having multiple banks create credit swaps and then selling mortgage backed securities short. Straight come up.