Tiny Homes In San Diego Face Gorgeous 32' Gooseneck Tiny Home 1 day ago   04:48

“Tiny” homes are appealing because they sound like they’d be less expensive than bigger homes, and they promise a cool lifestyle with a smaller carbon footprint. But KPBS North County reporter Alison St John says one planned tiny home community in San Diego has turned out to be a costly failure, and California is not making it easy for those who aspire to living in a tiny house.

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Gorgeous 32' Gooseneck Tiny Home Tiny Homes In San Diego Face 1 day ago   03:48

32', that's pretty darn big by tiny house standards as you'll see in this video. The tiny house has all kinds of things going on both inside and out, so just sit back and enjoy the tiny house tour. It's currently for sale in Arvada, Colorado.

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