02 Crusades: Power of the Pope CONTEXT Islam Part 1 6 months ago   07:19

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne and named him the king of the Holy Roman Empire. After the death of Charlemagne and the division of the empire, the power of the Church increased and the power of the kings diminished. Pope Gregory I declared himself the vicar of Christ on earth with authority over the kings.

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Shane Osborne
he doesn't claim to be just a representative of christ, he claims he IS christ
at 0:03 Dr. Neiman says, "The Christian world was shocked and went into a stage of first self-defense, then tried to re-establish itself."  All the athiests and haters of Christianity who attack Christianity by saying Christians murdered millions in their Holy Crusades should listen to what Dr. Neiman just said.  It was the MUSLIM ISLAMISTS who went on a murder filled Jihad.  Muslims swept through the middle-east and Africa and up towards Europe murdering, raping and pillaging the people of entire regions, most of them Christians.  It was the Christian's who embarked on a "crusade" of JUSTICE to defend their lands and people from a hoard of rampaging murderers who called themselves Islam.  Read the dictionary definition of the term "crusade":

1. a medieval military expedition, one of a series made by Europeans to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.

Did you read it?  "TO RECOVER the holy land".  From a group of murderers who attacked everyone, murdering everyone.  They are the murderers not Christians.  Get it right or get lost.
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CONTEXT Islam Part 1 02 Crusades: Power of the Pope 6 months ago   07:20

Islam starts in Mecca, an oasis in the Arabian peninsula. Mecca had become a center of commerce. Frequent wars between the Romans and the Persian Empires required a re-configuring of trade routes. This turned Mecca into a location where a variety of cultures came together.

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