Little Big Town - The Daughters Maddie & Tae - Die From A Broken Heart 1 day ago   03:38

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Music video by Little Big Town performing The Daughters. © 2019 Little Big Town, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Seth Vieira
Stop trying to destroy love live serve
Ashley Jaya
Wow , just wow
Veni Vidi Amavi
*I grew up with 11 other girls, and I'm going to show them all this song*
Angela P.
Zachary Holler
This song is the female equivalent to jerking off. Slaaay Queen!
William Henry Van Etta
Oh so there was a girls basketball team the whole time?
Ali -
Who the hell sees this and agrees? This is feminist bullshit. This song is telling girls that, no, society doesn’t give a damn about you being an overweight, baby mutilating, rude, selfish person who takes no responsibility for themselves. I’m a girl. Doesn’t every other girl want to feel and look pretty? To raise your children and keep a beautiful house? To be respected and adored because your sweet and innocent? Woman do have a place and there’s nothing wrong with that. To everyone that’s overweight try your best to look as pretty as you want to be. No man will bend down to kiss your fat ass ladies. Your not meant to die a soldier, your meant to fight the battles of a girl and win with sly words and deadly smiles. Why be a boy when you could be the thing they value and treasure most? Let them worship you for being in your place and keep them in theirs as the protectors
barbara Swingle
thank you for staying true to country lifestyle. this is why i love old school country music who stay true to country. thank you for not being elitist little big town one of the few real country people
Scott P
This song is a little whiney in its lyrics. You are not a victim of the culture.
Scott P
I don't understand the song. Who is the God for the daughters?
as horny as you are remmember. thy guy who loves you.
H Singer
thank you LBT for such a poetic and understanding song for young girls today.
gamers digest
Well the song started good then when you started to deviate from the regiment it turned horse manure.
Vic _013285
Fuck you UMG
Drouin Johnny
Wow beautiful song and video....💗
So much pressure to be perfect in this world
Abigail Gendron
If anyone knows who the lead actress is please tell me :)
Elizabeth Boerding
To me this song was a lie and full of them. The Son of God and the God of man is a womens God too. How do you not realise that? Women yes we are seen as mothers back then and care takers and there is nothing wrong with that. But Not all women wore makeup back then or did only girly things only. Alot of them worked and did hard work. I'm a huge Tom boy born and raised on a farm covered in sweat and dirt a lot. At times I wanna look my best and be girly. You can do both at the same time. My grandmothers and great grandmother work hard, they were the care takers but they also new how to be and act like a lady like men should act like Gentleman. There's is nothing wrong with being a lady and having manners and there is also nothing wrong with being a hard worker or manly. If you really think you can't do things you want because your a women that's ridiculous. If anyone told you that you couldn't do something because your a girl why would you take them seriously. As women we need to stop making excuses for everything. If you wanna do something do it. Get over what you belive society is saying and live your life not others. This song could have been great if they would have not made it about what everyone else thought. Get over it because it's your own fault if you belive all of that.
wildflower gL
We need to see the Truth for ourselves through knowing and believing the Truth ,not from seeing others and how they depict the Truth..
Chris Tashi
I luv her voice
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Music video by Maddie & Tae performing Die From A Broken Heart (Acoustic). © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.