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Largest Dams
The Delta Works in the Netherlands (Holland) is the largest flood protection project in the world. This project consists of a number of surge barriers, for examples:

1- The Oosterscheldekering is the largest of the 13 ambitious Delta Works series of dams and storm surge barriers and it is the largest surge barrier in the world, 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) long. The dam is based on 65 concrete pillars with 62 steel doors, each 42 metres wide. It is designed to protect the Netherlands from flooding from the North Sea.

2- The Maeslantkering is a storm barrier with two movable arms; when the arms are open the waterway remains an important shipping route however when the arms close a protective storm barrier is formed for the city of Rotterdam. Closing the arms of the barrier is a completely automated process done without human intervention.

The Great Wall of Louisiana


Thames Flood Barrier

MOSE Project

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James McCormick
Three gorges dam is 1 up on this one, doesn’t diminish how awesome it is though
Emily Hutjes
Dutch Hydraulic Engineers--> a long and difficult academic study in water management.
Roy Oetting
Just more Climate Crisis BS. Netherlands has been sinking. Temperatures have not increased in 21 years and now the temperature is cooling. It takes a long time for sea levels to change rate but wait long enough and you will see it recede.
Climate change....yada yada yada....algore is still at it....we are still in the Milky Way and changes in climate are to be expected!
permadi fauza
😯 holand country expansions I think more safe to the underground and to the sky not to the sea
Leen de Waardt
Probably the best documentary ever made about our battle with the water. (Just one glas Ik noticed: the first dykes were not built by farmers but by monks from monasteries).Makes me proud to be Dutch and brought a few tears in my eyes.
مهدی مهدی
Richard Sci
Another global warming propaganda video.
ronnie doorzon
Dryland in waterworld is in fact holland
As long as you're revolving around the Milky Way galaxy you're going to have climate change get used to it.
Crewkie Fuentes
Dutch engineer are brilliant when it comes to water technology system,
Mike Mike
Wasted your times against nature.
where did they get all the materials, rocks, sand, soil....
Safa Safa
in nl, they are considering a ban on rain
Garritt DuBois
You lost me at climate change. For that, you get a thumbs down.
At the beginning of the clip there is a apparent reference to the river Rhine.It is a misconception that the barrier is placed in the river Rhine. Though located in the the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta the storm surge barrier “the Maeslantkering” is located in the waterway (Nieuwe Maas (New Meuse) – the Scheur – Nieuwe Waterweg) that connects Rotterdam with the North Sea.
Difference between the US and The Netherlands. The US waits till there's a huge flood AGAIN, killing thousands, the Netherlands are already making dams and dykes higher just in case. They're working on them all over the country.
dcb4357 hiitsme
i was going to share this video to my fb page but after i started listening to it and heard that fucking cult of gaia nonsense about the seas rising and i dumped it . you people need to stop manipulating ignorant people and getting them all wound up and ready to believe crooked, greedy politicians who want to take their money. the fucking seas are not rising. land moves, rises sinks. or people build on piles of bird shit and coral. stop spreading the cult .
Wonder why the Dutch don't just move inland? Almost like they are boxed in by a country that kicked their ass in like 2 world wars.
But I thought Trump said there was no such thing as Global Warming?
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Impossible Bridges - Denmark to Sweden Holland's Barriers to The Sea 1 day ago   47:00

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