Top 5 HIGH PRESSURE Water Dam Discharges FloWave Exhibition Video 2014 1 day ago   10:16

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When a reservoir fills up, a rapid water discharge sometimes takes place to prevent overflowing. Today's video is on the top five high pressure water discharges.

Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC)
Iksacksean Hydroelectric (CC), William Cruise (CC)

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David Pursel, Snake Hunter
Who's ready to break out the body boards and have some fun?
Swerix Of Rain City
killer slide bro literally
River churnet
If you are going to steal clips atleast credit the channel they were taken from
Minh Nguyen
🎣⛱🚣‍♂️⛵️👙 don't bath the big🐷
dy dx
i really love and respect nature :) amazing thing to have around us ....which we mostly take for granted.... amazing
Paro Bhatt
Has there any way to transfer these water to sahara desert
Jason 20189
Mom : " Jason water the garden pls "
Me : 8:02
Atomik Laser
Cool, you tavel to these locations and record your own footage.. or just steal it from others? I'd probably do the same.. much cheaper, well free :)
Heru- deshet
Almost as much force as when I pee.
Al Capone
Nice ass 1:38
this makes me so nervous lmao
dam that was impressive!
what music is playing at 2:12
oh ?
The only thing I was thinking while watching this was being in the middle of the jet
Spectacular! 👍 ☺️
Miroslav Kalinov
"A few more clips that didn't make it in the top 5 list " there are 7 mins of "a few more clips"....
Koko Peter
#6 - A lot of water came out of this dam in asia
me after eating fast food
Jon Brennan
Dam thats a lot of water
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FloWave Exhibition Video 2014 Top 5 HIGH PRESSURE Water Dam Discharges 1 day ago   04:06

This video was first shown at All-Energy 2014 and shows proving and client tests from shortly after the completion of the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility in April 2014.