Uncle Sams FINALLY BACK!! Cleetus and Cars 2019 - Bradenton 1 day ago   17:37


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James sammann
Is this cleetus dad.
Keith Rindt
"Something flew off the car it was big"
"I have sport mode" 😂😂
Keith McLeod
Uncle Sam sounds soooo gooood.🤤
c5 vette
Why would it be more "cackly"
Nicholas Cianfanelli
Hi guys, just a tip I wanted to share with you for fiber glass wrapping.
If you soak it in water before using it not only you won't have microscopic glass shards floating all over the place to breathe in, the band will also stretch out just a little bit more while you're wrapping it, and then shrink back just a little tighter when it dries up.
Keep up the wonderful work, I love your videos.
Cheers from Geneva, Switzerland.
Hey man be careful tuning in Pennsylvania you don't want the EPA coming after you like what happened to Evans Tuning!
David Kelm
Dustin Manning
Just in the event you’re interested, I do make a “Tap-Shift” box for the 11-13 Caprice! Full manual control. On/Off Takes you from Auto to Manual, and push button shift.
David St. Cin
the 30mph sign you passed haha
I bought some dog treats from amazon but they sent it to my house. So something isn't working right on their wish list.
Let's see her doodie don't be skerreed. Won't stretch out too bad 😂😂😂
how about getting the wife actually in the video not just holding the camera for the the video....
chemical mike
In England, if someone says "You've pullled," it means they're coming home with you tonight! (wink wink) ;D
Russell Sleight
Gotta get you a ZL1 lid Jeremy.
edwin magut
At least your mrs can see where all the money is goin unlike most of us out here we are living by the edge of the sword ⚔️ ⚔️
Paul Aguirre
next tshirt..."it's got the rattle to it"....
Need new videos brother
filip karlsson
wow thats a nice sounding VE commodore
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Cleetus and Cars 2019 - Bradenton Uncle Sams FINALLY BACK!! 1 day ago   16:27

Thanks for tuning in to today's video "Cleetus and Cars 2019 - Bradenton Florida". I live about an hour away from Bradenton Motorsports Park, so I went to see what happens at Cleetus and Cars. We kicked off the night with a burnout contest where tires caught on fire, cars fell apart, and barriers were smashed! Also came across a Miata with a Hellcat engine. After the burnout contest they let the Jet Dragsters run. Then closed up the night with Demolition Drag Racing where cars smash and bang each other up on their way down the drag strip! It was a blast!

I hope you enjoyed the video and maybe you'll check out Cleetus & Cars sometime near you. Please leave a like, subscribe, and turn on the bell for new videos! Be sure to check out my other videos on my 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat in Indigo Blue! Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next one!

Burnout Contest: 5:02
Jet Dragsters: 13:32
Demolition Drag Racing: 13:52
IG: quiXilver09

Check out Sicario Media on YouTube for down and dirty builds!