What are the most reliable exotic I bought one of the best cars in the world 1 day ago   10:51

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Rob Ferretti (https://www.youtube.com/superspeedersrob) has managed a fleet of exotic rental cars that have been driven over 5 million miles. He explains the best ones and the ones to watch out for.

Ed recently tried the Armor Shield IX DIY Kit on his Porsche and was impressed.

He also very shrewdly negotiated $25 off.

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Dre Ray
Honda/Acura Nsx is bar none THE most reliable car on the market in 2019, Theres no competition, Followed by the Nissan GTR and Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1, No cars come close to those in terms of supercar reliability.
james bond
I'm not a rich man,I make 80k a year,but I'd say rich people are so exploited by many companies ,like lv ,gucci,ferrari,and pretty much all exotic car company exploit the stupidity of rich people,,it probably cost tops 100k to produce the la Ferrari, but they selling it for over $1mil ,,because they know stupid people are still around..so basically you paying 80% for a brand name..wise up.
car farm
$20,000 ferrari 308 in the 90's
Mr. America
McClaren’s are notoriously pieces of shit
"...Corvettes don't have good high speed acceleration..."
Oh really? (Bullshit)
Eithel Rotschild
You sound real here Rob, thank you for the information:)
In summary......buy a porsche or a honda...
mr suntan
Rob is the only cold sober rational person on this channel. Everyone else is a little girl to one degree or another.
Mohnnad Mercedes
Toyota celica
Avon Barksdale
That guy who cannot abide
Finally, some truth.
Terry Forth
Yet another qualified individual who explains the truth about the value of a Porsche vs the others, including McLaren 👍. The real cost of ownership must include depreciation and maintenance, etc, whereas many still look at the initial purchase price only 🙄.
Antonio Martin
You guys should reach out to T-pain he's an car nut.
Midnight Mustang
Thank you for all the advice; my next dream car is the F12 Berlinetta
John Hetherington
IT'S PORSCHE now you know
T W Smith
This is the second video where Rob has not like Aston Martin. I really would like to hear learn from his complete personal experience with Aston Martins
350K on a timing belt? ya mmmk
Michael Foe
This guy looks like a non bug eyed steve buscemi
W Clark
What's the best exotic for hooning around in a parking lot? Ideally, I'd prefer not to kill anyone.
William Falcon
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I bought one of the best cars in the world What are the most reliable exotic 1 day ago   09:58

What is the best car in the world? Ed explains all of his wrong opinions on the subject in today's video.

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