What are the most reliable exotic The Viper that got me kicked out of my small 1 day ago   10:51

Rob's Top 5 Car Stories
Why he can't buy a Ford GT - https://ai-tube.com/videoai/LG2O0JUiVnj
How did he get 220 tickets? https://ai-tube.com/videoai/_jVtKG9U89x
His top police chases - https://ai-tube.com/videoai/u0jzuif6JB4
Renting exotics to celebs - https://ai-tube.com/videoai/G-3wsMM7YYf
Breaking up a car theft ring - https://ai-tube.com/videoai/yl2zx6McxTH

Rob Ferretti (https://www.youtube.com/superspeedersrob) has managed a fleet of exotic rental cars that have been driven over 5 million miles. He explains the best ones and the ones to watch out for.

Ed recently tried the Armor Shield IX DIY Kit on his Porsche and was impressed.

He also very shrewdly negotiated $25 off.

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Michel Angelo
i’m simple, i see an S7 i click the S7
shinsui x sadness
Thats why bosch is the goat. When i was thinking about an audi S5 or an e46 M3. Especially for the M3 I looked at alllllll the basics. And to put it into perspective. An Audi starter motor for an s5 was 580 dollars before tax, and Bosch....184 lol
Ryan Jellison
This guy so far is the only one I have taken actual new knowledge from.
jill johnson
Great Video wanna know How Car shipping Prices are affected visit here... https://bit.ly/2XnHgQL
I thought I was the only person who thinks Aston Martin are overpriced blah where there are alternatives that do whatever you're after better.
I also picked Porsche 911 Turbo (or Turbo S). Performance as good as anything (and better than most), reliable, perfectly drivable around town and equally capable of driving long distances. For my money, best high performance car available.
Never seen this channel before, but I like it already, lol.
My 01 Corvette has over 250000 km never touched it ...Oil change Tires and shocks ..runs like a top try that with an import
I feel like this guy has no idea what he's talking about
Porsche, Volvo and Mercedes are my favs overall. Ya they can have issues but I’ve had good luck, and they’re exotic enough for me. These other ones are scary!
RD Wrapz
This guy reminds me of a rat.
Issa Bendeck
most reliable cars or supercars made in eurprope come from GERMANY HANDS DOWN and vw grup is got the title
Anything that isn’t an Aston Martin V12
Tom M
I have to say i agree, my ownership experience is limited to a few Alfa Romeos and a Maserati Gransport but i gotta say, getting savvy and learning the ins and outs of your car and how to service it cheaply and effectively is what its all about. My Gransport is reliable but has had small issues which i fixed myself or diagnosed and got a mechanic to fix, but if you let mechanics do what they like, they way overcharge for not a whole lot.

The more you can do yourself, the more you realise its just a car
nick abel
Someone ask him about audi 4.2l timing chains. I want to know his thoughts lol
vargo hoat
the answer: none of them
Rob Ferretti and vehicle virgins are the worst and most annoying automotive channels. No subscriber for them here
Thanks for the great advice Rob, I'll be getting my first exotic soon and had questions that you just took the time to answer.
The thing with timing belts on a Civic is, that you will only lose a couple of hundred or thousand dollars if it is snapping and taking your engine apart. Where as with a Ferrari you will lose much more money, just because you were to greedy to let your mechanic change a part that only cost a few bucks... There is a logic in the behavior of those owners. Also a Civic is most certainly not about high performance, more about durability. A Ferrari is quite the opposite...
*☀Brilliant share✔Alpha Male🌞 Fear not Pep'$-€-£. Drive with Control🗺have Fun😎keep them Exotic Machine$🏞🗺Clean Dress well Eat🌮🍲🍜🌯🍆🍄🍊🍠🍉🍇🍈🍑🍌🍒🍓🍐🍏Well Be Supream🌠with The Power'$-€-£-¥ that$🐝Bee🌌*
Crown Royal
This guy knows cars....
I've got 5 Cars😎💰

...toy cars😂
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The Viper that got me kicked out of my small What are the most reliable exotic 1 day ago   12:18

Casey (@caseyputsch) dreamt of owning a Viper but once he got it, the other residents of his small town did not take kindly to his driving habits. He left town and hasn't looked back but this Dodge Viper's story was not over.

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