How Do We Sustain Economic Growth? Limits to economic growth? Sustainability? 2 months ago   54:43

The Aspen Institute
Key economic indicators suggest that the US Economy has recovered from the global recession. However, we have seen slow economic growth in the US, while other countries have enjoyed a faster paced financial recovery. What can we do to jump-start our economic engine? What mechanisms do we have to empower our companies to increase employment opportunities and to enable our citizens to pursue sustainable jobs? Are there more targeted fiscal policies we should adopt which would create increased momentum in the marketplace and offer financial relief to both corporations and employees?

Speakers: Tom Fanning, Zoë Baird, Mark Warner, and Gillian Tett

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Kader Sanhen
I would have liked to hear some alternative and critical thinking about what growth actually means for everyone.
John Baldwin
IMF Chief Christine Lagarde have expressed disappointment time and time again of our government not making good on the 2010 IMF Reforms that had a deadline of the end of December 2014...The US is too strong willed of it's global overreaching to stay on top of being the major global reserve currency / SDR presence on the global markets to posture it's power of geopolitical, economical, and militarily agendas...
For which partly is the reason that gave to the rise and creation of BRICS and AIIB for a 'PLAN B' and challenges the US's centralized dominance over the world.
Christine Lagarde has repeatedly ask for cooperation and follow through of the agreements that were agreed upon...
Going back to last year on July 1st 2014 being an important date of the global economic reforms that were of effective that seems not to have been fully implemented? Why? Does our government is playing their games w/ the rest of the world to fix a broken system and to delay to give opportunity to other poorer nations and rising economies?
BASEL III, BIS, IMF, WB compliance and other reforms to be on a slow rollout versus the FATCA was no doubtedly enacted as well as other sovereign nations having a similar law of their citizens hiding wealth abroad in safe havens to avoid taxation.
US Treasury; Secretary Jack Lew have quoted in a Bloomberg interview back in April 2015 of being asked the question about the US dollar is too strong? He replied that because of the strength of the US dollar is the reasoning of the revaluations of currency of some countries...what struck me was there was no follow up by the host to ask 'what countries that revalued?'
My understanding as it has been leaked out over the years of a new system coming online as well as a global currency reset.
There is evidence to look at for example the US Dollar Index was artificially raised up and one can look back going back like  5 years as you will see was the value was but this year especially back in March 2015; it spiked to over 100 pts but has been up and down to settle around the mid 90s. but look at the data prior to those spikes?
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Limits to economic growth? Sustainability? How Do We Sustain Economic Growth? 2 months ago   05:03

Share 1 billion new consumers. Can economic growth continue indefinitely? Economist range of views. What is the limit to resources and the growth of emerging market economies? Impact on banks, investment banking, fund management, wealth funds and government policy regarding interest rates and exchange rates, currency devaluations. Macroeconomic trends analysis. Industry forecasts, impact on GDP and WDP. Limits on carbon, oil, gas, coal reservers. Impact of population growth, demographic changes, ageing populations, emerging middle class, birth rates. Potential impact of nuclear fusion technology. Commodities, commodity shortages and commodity prices: aluminium, copper, steel, precious metals, water, farming land and food supplies, gold. Real challenges for future generations - economy impact. Many problems are solvable if we can produce unlimited clean energy at relatively low cost with new technologies. Why meat production is so wasteful of resources. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon. Author of SustainAgility.